RhinoNest: Create your nesting directly in 3D. It's a Rhino 6 plugin.

RhinoNest 4.0 PluginRhinoNest 4.0 Plugin is Nesting software for Rhino 3D. TDM Solutions understands Nesting as the optimization and orientation of objects to save material.
RhinoNest 4.0 Plugin allows us to optimize the position and orientation for cutting material in different sectors, as well as architecture, sculpture, carpentry, furniture-making, metalwork, shoes, glass cutting, marine, posters, modelling, etc.
RhinoNest 4.0 Plugin is fully integrated in Rhino 3D, thus allowing for optimization in minutes without the need for imports from different programs or the need for conversions as it supports all geometry types. RhinoNest 4.0 Plugin is compatible with Rhino 5.0 and Rhino 4.0.

New in this Version

  • Nesting Workflow
  • 3D Objects Nesting
  • Remap
  • Slice 3D

Main Features

  • Optimization of any type of geometry, with endless options for maximum reduction, such as: multiple panels, the use of real or rectangular shapes, priorities between objects, freedoms and more.
  • 3D Cut allows us to laminate 3D objects for laser cutting or CNC machines.
  • Remapping places us in the 3D geometric plane and automatically identifies the pieces.
  • Advanced Identification displays the pieces in accordance with different criteria. Tag, text or simple trace text identification can be used.
  • It has several tools for creating tabs, ideal for attaching parts to material.
  • It also has panel-management tools, enabling panel stock to be managed by external purchasing departments.
  • Importing of multiple files, including HPGL, and exporting of HPGL (.PLT) format, as well as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
  • High-performance vectoring of images, plans, sketches.
  • Integration with Grasshopper3D
  • Libraries included for developers at no extra cost.
  • No annual maintenance costs and support is free ,even before purchasing.
  • Runs with Rhino 5.0 and 5.0 at 32 bits and 64 bits natively.

This Product is Also Known As

  • Rhino Nest

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of RhinoNest 4.0 Plugin requires :
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