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V-Ray Next for 3ds Max - Workstation License

Advanced Ray-Tracing for 3ds Max. Includes 1GUI and 1 Render Node. Compatible with 3ds Max 2020

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V-Ray Next for 3ds Max Workstation License delivers faster ray tracing, cleaner sampling and more accurate rendering. That means you work smarter — not harder — by automating steps that used to take up valuable time.

Product Highlights

  • Quality - V-Ray comes with all the lighting, shading, and rendering tools you need to create professional, photoreal imagery and animation.
  • Power - Built to handle your biggest projects and your toughest scenes. Render anything and everything with V-Ray. 
  • Speed - Spend less time waiting and more time being creative. Deliver your best work and never miss a deadline.
  • Creative Control - V-Ray puts you in the driver seat. You're in control. With V-Ray's versatile features, you can choose the best approach for your scene.
  • Smart Integration - Work the way you want – without interruption. V-Ray's seamless 3ds Max integration keeps your workflow fluid and smooth.
  • An Industry Standard - Independent artists and top studios choose V-Ray every day to create world-class designs and visual effects.

What's New 


  • Powerful Scene Intelligence - Automatically analyzes your scene to optimize rendering — so you get the best quality in less time. See Adaptive Dome Light and Automatic Camera Exposure.
  • Adaptive Dome Light - Faster, cleaner and more accurate image-based environment lighting. Up to 7x faster than before.
  • Point & Shoot Camera - Perfect renders are as easy as taking a snapshot with new Automatic Exposure & White Balance.
  • 2X Faster GPU Rendering - Fast new GPU rendering architecture with support for more of your favorite high-end production features.
  • GPU Volume Rendering - V-Ray GPU now supports blazing fast rendering of volumetric effects like smoke, fire and fog.
  • Nvidia AI Denoiser - Instantly remove noise while rendering. Based on AI-accelerated denoising technology by NVIDIA.
  • Lighting Analysis - Accurately measure the light levels in your scene using new lighting analysis tools.
  • Physical Hair Material - Render more realistic-looking hair with accurate highlights and melanin color controls.
  • V-Ray Switch Material - Apply several materials to the same object and select the one you want at render time.
  • V-Ray Plugin Material & Texture - Load any texture or material that's available in V-Ray Standalone and render it in V-Ray Next.
  • Denoised Render Elements - Denoise individual render elements for added control in compositing. Supports animation.
  • Layered Alembic Workflows - Supports Alembic 1.7 and layers for efficient handling and updating of Alembic data.


  • Highly-Optimized Ray Tracing
  • Powerful GPU Rendering
  • V-Ray IPR
  • V-Ray Denoiser
  • Resumable Rendering
  • Global illumination
  • Adaptive Lights
  • Accurate Lights
  • Photorealistic Cameras
  • Interactive Lens Effects
  • Virtual Reality
  • Physically-based Materials
  • ALsurface Material
  • Glossy Fresnel



    Installation Requirements

    In order to work properly, your copy of V-Ray Next for 3ds Max Workstation License requires:


    3ds Max 2020
    3ds Max 2020: Realize your most complex, creative ideas.



    Support & Maintenance

    A V-Ray Next for 3ds Max major version has active SOFTWARE SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE from its release date to the following next major release date. During the SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE stage Chaos Group will:

    • Release minor updates including patches, bug fixes, service packs, enhancements, new minor features, and platform compatibility updates.
    • Provide support and technical assistance to clients.
    • Provide software builds for download.



      Latest V-Ray Next for 3ds Max Webinar from Novedge


      Novedge Webinar #294: V-Ray NEXT for 3ds Max: The Next Generation of Rendering by Anastasia Zhivaeva

      Trial Download

      V-Ray Free Trial Software Download

      Download and test V-Ray before you make your purchasing decision.




      HW Specs

      Recommended System Specification

      Manufacturer's system requirements are generally the bare minimum that you need to run the software and insufficient for effective and productive operation of the product. 

      Our suggested "real world" mid-range desktop system key specifications to properly run V-Ray are as follows:

      • CPU: Intel Core i5
      • Memory: 16GB
      • Graphics Card: NVIDIA QUADRO P620
      • Hard Drive: 500GB NVMe
      • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

      Novedge, in partnership with High Speed Computing, can also provide the perfect hardware for your design needs, pre-installed with your software, at a very competitive price. Contact us to discuss custom-configured workstations and laptops.

      Suggested Workstation

      Silver 3D Workstation - NOVEDGE

       Silver 3D Workstation

      CPU: Intel Core i7
      Memory: 16GB
      Hard Drive: 500GB NVMe
      Graphics Card: NVIDIA QUADRO P1000



      Customer Reviews

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      Great quality and efficient and professional rendering

      I mostly use V-Ray next for architecture rendering. Results are excellent even when I don't have much time for a professional finish. After the initial learning curve ( there are many resources on the web, by the way) I find myself in complete control of the tool. The quality of my work is better than expected.