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EnSuite 2019 - Subscription

A Solution for Leveraging CAD Data Across the Enterprise

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The basic premise of EnSuite 2019 1-Year Subscription is to democratize access to 3D CAD data across the organization to groups outside of engineering/design, including sales/marketing, purchasing, quality, estimation, manufacturing, packaging, and customer service, among others.

EnSuite 2019includes tools to provide quick access to critical engineering information residing in CAD data, no matter which CAD system was used to author it.



  • Doesn't require specific CAD authoring system in order to access critical information.
  • Easily accessed by all parts of organizations.
  • Viewing available for all major native CAD & standard formats.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Competitively priced.


EnSuite 2019 has viewers for all commonly used CAD and image file formats. Even better, you do not need CAD software or licenses to view any of the supported file types.
Viewers are currently available for: EnSuite 2019 viewers not only support geometry in the file, but also has an entity tree displaying the list of entities with part and assembly structures. EnSuite viewers also support entity colors, reference entities and annotation notes. EnSuite 2019 has tools like standard views, camera operations, display options, section views, and more.
Analyze - productivity Tools
Users across the extended enterprise frequently need to access engineering data from CAD files, without learning to use the CAD system. EnSuite 2019 provides a user-friendly way to obtain accurate information from all major CAD and Standard formats without requiring a CAD license.
  • Measure distances, hole dimensions, wall thickness
  • Compute mass properties, bounding volumes, assembly interferences
  • Generate Bill of Materials
  • Compare parts and assemblies and a lot more
Share - Translators
EnSuite 2019 provides seamless CAD data interoperability between all major CAD systems in use today. Files can be translated from and to most of the commonly used files formats without the CAD software or license, shaving the cost of MCAD software ownership from the interoperability process. A number of kernel-based and neutral file translators are also available.
EnSuite 2019 provides the ability to create an assembly by bringing in parts/assemblies from multiple CAD formats. This is especially useful in a heterogeneous supply chain environment, where suppliers and OEM's work with multi-CAD data towards the same product design.
Automate - Custom Productivity Apps Framework
EnSuite 2019 includes a custom productivity apps framework that enables the creation of scripts to automate processes common in an engineering organization. Automation reduces the time taken to do the work and frees users to focus on more productive and innovative activities.
Some of the processes that have been automated include:
  • Opening CAD files by showing only the data in context of use and hiding all insignificant data. This is particularly useful in files sent by OEMs to Suppliers which contain a lot of extraneous data that does not apply to the suppliers work.
  • Computing bounding volumes, mass, and thickness of parts originating from any CAD and automatically populate Excel files used for quoting.
  • Automatically adding thickness to models for faces with specific colors to create the blank model of the manufacturing part.



Support & Maintenance

Technical support available through the internet directly with the manufacturer. Automatic, periodic license validation performed by the manufacturer.

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