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CADLook Basic Viewer 21

Open and view IGES, STEP, VDA-FS, STL and G-code files

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CADLook Basic Viewer 21 is a light-weight, cost-effective tool to visualize and inspect CAD files in international standard formats without the heavy-duty CAD systems. It handles the idiosyncrasy of files from various systems with unrivaled robustness. You can load a mixture of multiple files from different file formats (IGES, STEP, VDA-FS or G-code) into one session. This allows you to put together multiple parts and then write them into one single file and single file format (VRML or STL). You can also load multiple versions of the same model and visually inspect the differences.

CADLook Basic Viewer 21 allows you to display and visually inspect 3-D CAD geometries in the following file formats: IGES, STEP, VDA-FS, or G- code. It handles all assemblies, parts and drawings.


Features and benefits

CADLook Basic Viewer 21 allows you to:
  • View & Inspect ACIS, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, VDA-FS, ASAT (Acis Assembly), and NC G-code Files
  • Write All or just the Selected Parts to VRML or STL Files
  • Easily create Windows Bitmaps, JPEG files or EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) image files
  • Handle Drawings, Assemblies, Curves, Surfaces and Solids
  • Viewing, Measurement and Dimensioning the exact CAD geometry
  • Measure Coordinates, Distances, Closest-Points, Angles, Area, Volume, Centroid and Moments-of-Inertia
  • Dimension Coordinates, Distances, Radii, Curvatures and Angles
  • Stitch Trimmed Surfaces into Solids
  • Cross Sectioning your 3D CAD models
  • Save and Restore files
  • Highly threaded algorithms to fully utilize all the processors on your multi-processors/multi-core machine
  • Fast multi-core processing

Customer Reviews

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Basic viewer & iges

The program did exactly what I needed it to do. It was able to open an IGES file that other CAD programs would fail to open. The IGES file was 8 meg in size and required a lot of time to refresh the screen when rotating the view.

No right click. Why?

Good product, but, no possibility (like most programs) to rightclick on a file to open!
You always have to open CADLOOK so you can open here a file. The viewing of iges en stp is great. Also changing colors, shades en so on.


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Account manager

It is confusing that the test/demo version of CADlook Basic Viewer is the complete package of CADlook Advanced Viewer and Translator. (Novedge: the message Novedge send with the download link contains a warning making explicit that the trial version is the full featured version of the program).