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Vectorworks Architect 2018
Upgrade from Architect 2016
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VectorworksVectorworksVectorworks Architect 2018 - Upgrade from Architect 2016Vectorworks Architect 2018 - Upgrade from Architect 2016Get the latest version!DNN-P1-VPG-ARXZ5.011,473.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Vectorworks Architect 2018
Upgrade from Architect 2016

Novedge Webinar
Title Block Border Questions & Answers
Created January 10, 2018 by Jonathan Pickup
Title blocks have had a major overhaul in Vectorworks Architect 2018. This webinar will look at the basic strategy using the Title Block Border tool and how it is different from the old Sheet Border Tool.
Novedge Webinar
Why Upgrade to Vectorworks Spotlight 2018?
Created December 20, 2017 by Jacob Dale
This webinar will review and demonstrate a handful of new tools and features available in Vectorworks Spotlight 2018.
Novedge Webinar
The Best Features in Vectorworks 2018
Created October 13, 2017 by Jonathan Pickup
Each year Vectorworks releases its new version. It usually has a huge number of new or improved features, and this year is no different.
Novedge Webinar
Working Remotely with Vectorworks: Discovering the Tools for a Distributed Design Team.
Created September 11, 2017 by Jacob Dale
What does the future of work look like with Vectorworks? What is Distributed Engineering? What is Remote Task Management? What are the essential tools for a Distributed Design Team? What are the challenges with working Remotely? How does Project Shar
Novedge Webinar
Interior Design (It's Not Just Kitchen Design)
Created April 26, 2017 by Jonathan Pickup
Vectorworks 2017 has powerful tools and techniques for interior design work. You can use Vectorworks for creating an interior design that shows the details of the kitchen, how the kitchen connects to other rooms, demolition plans, and furniture.
Novedge Webinar
Diving into VR with Vectorworks 2017
Created March 1, 2017 by Jacob Dale
Don`t get caught with your goggles off. Join this webinar to gain an understanding of what hardware solutions are available to you today and how to produce VR content using Vectorworks design software.
Novedge Webinar
Getting The Best From Vectorworks 2017's Resource Manager
Created February 15, 2017 by Jonathan Pickup
In this webinar we will look at the structure of the Resource Manager, ways to use this, how it has been implemented, and where to store resources so that they are available.
Novedge Webinar
Design in context with Vectorworks 2017 Camera Match tool
Created December 7, 2016 by Jacob Dale
Sell your design concepts by presenting them accurately within their proposed setting. Using the integrated Camera Match tool in Vectorworks Architect 2017 we will explore placing your design model within: Film/TV/Theatrical Scenes Special Event Prop
Novedge Webinar
The Best Bits from Vectorworks 2017
Created October 19, 2016 by Jonathan Pickup
We will be looking at the important changes to Vectorworks Architect, Vectorworks Landmark, and 3D modelling in Vectorworks 2017.
Novedge Webinar
From 2D Drawing to BIM with Vectorworks
Created August 18, 2016 by Jonathan Pickup
There is no doubt in Jonathan Pickup's mind that using a Building Information Modelling workflow is by far the most productive way of creating drawings. As you will learn form this webinar, there are several speed advantages in building the 3D model
Novedge Webinar
Rapid 3D Fabrication with Vectorworks Subdivision Modeling
Created August 10, 2016 by Jacob Dale
Similar to the ease of modeling with clay, the Subdivision Modeling tool allows anyone to quickly model seemingly complicated 3D organic forms in a digital interface at-scale.
Novedge Webinar
Pocket Vectorworks Project
Created March 30, 2016 by Francois Levy
This demonstration of a tiny structure modeled and documented in Vectorworks Architect 2016 uses many objects and techniques found in much larger projects
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #126: Early Design in a BIM Workflow with Vectorworks
Created August 13, 2014 by Steve Alden and Rubina Siddiqui
This presentation will begin with an introduction to design principles specifically targeted to the early phases of a creative workflow. A design workflow that incorporates BIM practices quickly leads to more efficient and dependable solutions. How t
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #115: Creating a Building without Walls in Vectorworks
Created May 21, 2014 by Jonathan Pickup
It’s tempting to think you're limited to walls, roofs and windows to create your models. Design the buildings you want by modeling with Vectorworks 2014. Jonathan shares his 3D modeling techniques for drawing up building elevations, sections, and pla
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #108: Creating and Editing Site Models in Vectorworks
Created March 19, 2014 by Geoff McBeath
Geoff McBeath covers the steps in creating a 3D site model from a surveyor's file, including geo-referenced data, alignment with air photos and .dwg info, as well as cleaning up edges and problem data points after creation. After the existing site mo
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #52: Entertainment Design Using Vectorworks Designer
Created August 8, 2012 by Kevin Lee Allen
Most Entertainment Designers (Scenic and Lighting) are familiar with the power of Vectorworks Spotlight and Renderworks. This webinar will review some of those features and look at features within the Architect and Landmark modules that may also be o
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #9: Light Plot Deconstructed in Vectorworks Spotlight 2011
Created January 5, 2011 by Gregg Hillmar
Gregg Hillmar provides a short, accessible, and easy to follow look at the new Vectorworks Spotlight 2011 as an addition to the Vectorworks Manuals.
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar Series #5:Designing in Vectorworks Landmark 2011
Created November 3, 2010 by Tamsin Slatter
Landscape designer and educator Tamsin Slatter, the UK's leader expert in Vectorworks, will be giving a walk through the residential design process using Vectorworks 2011.
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #1: What's New in VectorWorks 2011
Created September 15, 2010 by Jonathan Pickup
Our very special kick off webinar with Vectorworks guru Jonathan Pickup. Jon goes through Vectorworks 2011 and details the new features and how they will affect YOU. Topics include: (1) push/pull. (2) 2D/Planar. (3) slabs. (4) walls. (5) windows.
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