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IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle: The power of Inovate with the flexibility of the USB dongle license
IronCAD Inovate with USB dongleIronCAD Inovate with USB dongle is the perfect complementary design tool for all those that need to convert, visualize, edit and render CAD/CAM files from virtually every source. It is a low-cost, 3D conceptual design and collaboration tool for the 3D designer that currently does not have or want access to a traditional 3D CAD system. It utilizes an innovative, drag and drop design approach that lets you build, import, translate and use 3D models easier and faster than you ever thought possible.
IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle offers the best integrated multi-kernel modeling, rendering, animation and data translation solution available today for under one thousand dollars. Its vast array of import and export formats allow it to seamlessly integrate in any environment that needs to handle CAD files from all the major CAD/CAM systems.
IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle is a low cost, easy to use 3D desktop product for creating, modifying, interrogating, and communicating 3D designs. It is the ideal 3D design collaboration tool from concept to production. Its radical drag-and-drop 3D environment delivers unmatched ease-of-use, speed, design flexibility, and power making it the most productive 3D concept design and communication tool available. IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle bridges the gap between today's viewer technology and a full blown CAD seat.
It is perfectly suited for situations where 3D design concepts have to be verified prior to being committed to a formal detail design process. It allows the quick exploration of 3D design concepts and the communication of those ideas through photo-realistic images and realistic motion animations as part of the collaborative process.
IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle is equally at home working with existing models which can be imported, interrogated, modified and communicated to others either as models, photo-realistic images or real world animations. IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle is the most complete way to collaborate in 3D.
Ease of Use
Whether you are working with models, creating a rendering or doing an animation, the same basic concepts of drag and drop, right mouse property access and handles are utilized throughout, making IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle the easiest and most cost effective 3D design tool available. It is based on the same award winning user interface technology as IRONCAD. Its user interface has been designed to allow members of the extended design chain to productively participate in the design realization process.
Model concepts can be created by simply dragging intelligent 3D features (IntelliShapes) from pre-built catalogs and dropping them into a scene or onto an existing part. Modifications can be accomplished by simply pulling on dynamic handles, or through property pages, accessed through a simple right mouse click. IntelliShapes are designed for maximum flexibility and can be fully parametrized. This revolutionary Creative Design approach is the fastest and easiest way to conceptualize in 3D.
Design Conceptualization
From concept, through detail design, to unpredictable pre/post production changes, IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle is the first new modeling architecture that can effectively be used throughout a products entire product life cycle. It is a product that allows true Creative Design at each stage of the product development process.
Creative Design allows design intent to be applied when it is best for the user, with the added freedom to make unanticipated changes at any time during the design process. It is the only 3D modeling system available that allows the user to select, based on need, between using a constraint history based design method or a no constraint, no history based design approach.
IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle allows casual users to design quickly and effectively without concerning themselves with constraints, parametrics and feature trees mandated by today's leading systems. Power users can use all of these advanced features and more to create highly intelligent models.
Design Visualization
The integration of powerful, high-end visualization and animation technologies into the core of IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle makes the entire design process faster, more productive, and easier to understand. Real-time detail representations such as texture, bump, and decal mapping are fully integrated to save time and valuable data space. Effective communication to all contributors, at every phase, enhances collaboration and speeds the product development process.
In addition to the visual realism, IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle allows models to be set in motion with the addition of SmartMotions. SmartMotions are pre-created drag and drop key frame animations with editable paths providing truly realistic motion. Once created, the animations can be shared with others as animated GIF or AVI files.
Design Communication
The design visualization, collaboration features and ease-of-use makes IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle the perfect tool for Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Training to illustrate and communicate product features either through the use of animations or through directly importing 3D design models into marketing and sales brochures. This versatile use model of IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle takes 3D models beyond the engineering design community.
IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle supports a rich set of data translators (IGES, STEP, ACIS, Parasolid, CATIA, Pro/E, STL, and more) that allow it to exchange data with all of the leading CAD systems. Once in IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle, the user can FULLY edit the model data (not just a subset of recognized features) enabling true upstream and downstream design collaboration. This makes it the perfect companion tool to your existing CAD tools.
IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle allows engineers to confidently exchange and make use of 3D CAD data throughout the design process, as well as enabling users to share parts or assemblies throughout the design process. IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle supports the creation of custom catalogs such as families of standard parts, which dramatically improves design productivity and facilitates the easy transfer of critical design data between design chain participants.
Cost Effective
IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle is the most competitively priced 3D concept design product on the market today. This aggressive pricing makes it possible to deploy IronCAD Inovate with USB dongle across the whole design chain.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reliable data translation between all major 3D CAD/CAM formats.
  • Sophisticated editing functions to adjust/repair 3D models before exporting to different formats.
  • Improve 3D interoperability by using Inovate's industry leading multiple kernel and data translator support.
  • Compatibility with outside vendors or suppliers that use 3D systems.
  • Speed up the overall development process by verifying a design in 3D before committing to detail design work.
  • Creation of 3D presentations, photo-realistic images, and animations from imported or newly created 3D design.
  • Creation of 3D presentations, photo-realistic graphics and animations.
  • A faster and easier way to create 3D concept designs compared to traditional CAD systems.
  • Ability to significantly improve the efficiency in creating 2D views from imported or newly created 3D models.
  • Access to the easiest to learn and use 3D modeler on the market.
  • Obtaining the benefits of 3D (interference checking, volumetric analysis, visualization) while still maintaining the existing 2D design process.
  • Lowering a company's cost of deploying 3D design technology, compared to giving everybody a full-featured CAD seat.
  • Be able to try 3D before committing to more expensive 3D CAD software.
  • Performance enhanced with Large Assembly Camera Interactions.
  • Performance enhanced in Loading (Visual Load) and Saving Data.
  • Quick View Drawing Creation Mode with 10x or greater view creation.
  • User Interface enhanced for simplified navigation and customization.
  • Quick Access Property Browser for common commands and actions.
  • Direct Curve Input in the Quick Access Property Browser for the Sketch.
  • Additional Constraint Types and Notification in the Sketch Mode.
  • Direct Snap Reference to 3D Geometry with the Sketch Mode.
  • Curvature Display for 3D and 2D Spline Curves.
  • Zoom to selection for quick viewing and centering of selected objects.
  • Scene browser for quick locate of selected data.
  • Search browser for advanced find capabilities within scene files.
  • True thread feature and variable pitch/radius helix support.
  • 3D positioning enhanced with TriBall positioning tool.
  • Multiple broken-out drawing section support.
  • Enhance realistic renderings with Advanced Rendering Catalogues.
  • Collision Detection Support in the Mechanism Mode.
  • Smart Assembly Improvements with Stronger Connection Capabilities.
  • Drawing Improvements Including BOM Sorting and Part Property Access.
  • Advanced Rendering Engine Added to Support Realistic Renderings.
  • Support for Unigraphics Import of Versions 11-18 and NX1-NX4.
  • Import/Export formats include CATIA V5/UG/Pro-E.
  • Additional Third Party add-on applications with Partner CD.
  • 3D PDF Export for View and Markup Capabilities in Adobe 3D PDF.
  • Help System with easy Navigation and learning curve.
  • Partner Programs include Algor DesignCheck Professional, Print3D, and Softeacher.
  • Partner CD with Additional Free and Extended Trial Programs.
  • Launch of IronCAD Labs Extending IronCAD Users Capabilities.

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