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Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max
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nPower SoftwarenPower SoftwarePower NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds MaxPower NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds MaxThe Next Generation of Modeling. For 3ds Max 2015-2018.PNPPROMAX875.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max

Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max

The Next Generation of Modeling. For 3ds Max 2015-2018.

Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max is a unique and exciting new product for 3ds Max and now supports 32 and 64 bit processing. If you are a designer or artist that has been searching for a tool that will unbridle your creativity, Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max is an amazing and revolutionary product for 3D modeling. If you want to focus your creativity on your design (instead of esoteric commands), and model in an intuitive and powerfully creative fashion, you should try out Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max.
The combination of Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max and 3ds Max make a tremendous design environment unmatched by existing products. It can handle even very difficult modeling tasks common to styling or industrial design applications. Virtually any shape can be designed in a simple, intuitive manner. Even complex inter-related surfaces can be created and manipulated with Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max. Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max creates tangency control relationships between surfaces so that they stay aligned. And design changes propagate automatically through interconnected surfaces and faces. Now, thanks to Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max, you can model your geometry in a precise manner and let Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max generate a clean mesh for accurate renderings.
With Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max, you have control over the quality of the mesh generation so that you can produce extremely high quality renderings.

Features and benefits

Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max contains all of the functionality of Power Solids and Power Translators plus a lot more.
Parametric Construction History
One of the most convenient features of Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max is that it captures a full history of an objects construction in the 3ds Max object/sub-object hierarchy. This is commonly known as "Parametric Construction History" because modification of any of the parameters of the original objects updates the final result.
Navigator to Simplify History/Stack Browsing
The nPower Navigator utilizes an adjustable size tree list to display both 3ds Max objects and nPower objects. Selecting on any of the objects will bring it up in the modifier mode even if it is a sub-object. So to edit the radius of the sphere, click on the sphere and you will see its panel and be able to change it's radius. If the hierarchy gets very deep and complex, making changes to low level objects may not be instantaneous. Therefore it is possible to extract a sub-object and put it into its own top level object temporarily and replace it when done making modifications using the "Start Extract + Edit" button on the bottom of the navigator. It is also possible to filter the view displayed in the navigator window using various criteria show in the navigator window.
Positional and Tangency Constraints
The power sketcher has the ability to build complex networks of connected curves that interact with each other in intelligent ways. This enables the construction of surfaces that can be easily edited and updated. You can build up very complex surfaces using curve networks and still retain the ability to dynamically edit them.
Adaptive Sketch Curve Networks
The power sketcher has an inference engine that uses existing points and curves to help in the construction or editing of existing objects. When you move the cursor to a position that is near an inference position, the inference is shown and the point is snapped to that inference position. The following inferences are supported:
  • 3 Points which are Perpendicular or Linear
  • Horizontal and Vertical Points
  • Fixed Length Increments
  • On an existing Point or Curve
We find inferencing very helpful in defining regularly shaped and mechanical types of shapes.
Intelligent Design Change Propagation
Design revisions are an important part of the design process, and Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max helps optimize the revision process by intelligently maintaining the surface connectivity network during editing operations. Editing a curve or surface will update the associated curves and surfaces automatically. Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max change propagation eliminates the typically cumbersome task of recreating geometry.
Greatly Enhanced Sketch Tools
Building construction curves is now even easier and more powerful, as Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max includes new 2D Booleans, sketch constraints (tangent, perpendicular), curve blending and other new tools for sketching curves and manipulating those curves. New surface grid construction tools allow the user to easily construct curves or snap right onto a surface. And the intelligent curve networks maintain their constraints when editing individual curves within the curve network.
New Surface Feature Modeling Tools
Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max extends its powerful surface modeling tools with new intelligent design tools. It now supports array copy or patterns of features, projected trimming with smart trimming options, dynamic trimming cut back, advanced surface features, surface draping and re-approximation, surface offset, and a new bevel tool for applying cross section shapes to beveled edges. Medical designers are raving about a new tubing tool, which supports the creation of organic tubing networks (like blood vessels).
Greatly Improved User Interface and Help
Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max is designed for Artist/Designer instead of the CAD professional. Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max makes it even easier to create complex designs by simplifying the user interface. Power NURBS Pro 14 for 3ds Max now includes innovative deformable, parametric primitives, which allow the user to model like an artist models with clay. The latest version makes many commonly used options and commands readily available through context sensitive menus. And many of the help files now include illustrative examples of various options.

This Product is Also Known As

  • Power NURBS Pro for 3ds Max

  • Power NURBS for 3ds Max

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