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Bluebeam Workstation 55 by High Speed Computing, the best Workstation
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The Ideal Large Screen Field Workstation for Bluebeam
The Bluebeam Workstation 55 is the ideal solution for interactive team visualization and editing of drawings and any other CAD model or document. Based on the 55 inches Volanti Displays Touch-Screen Table it brings next generation visualization and interactivity to field operations.
In addition, the fully configurable multi-touch interactive screen the Bluebeam Workstation 55, includes a powerful 3D workstation for fast accelerated graphics display of even the most complex drawings and models. This workstation is ideal for Bluebeam users that need a large interactive display for team interaction with drawings and CAD models that is fully connected with the digital infrastructure that is powering next generation field operations in the construction industry.

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