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VFX Supercomp

VFX Supercomp: A toolkit for realistic VFX composites in After Effects

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VFX Supercompis a compositing environment that makes it easy to create complex, seamless composites. In VFX Supercomp, light and atmospheric effects interact with ALL of your layers and the elements of a scene in a far more natural way and with far less pre-composing than ever before. VFX Supercomp includes more than 15 gpu-accelerated context-aware tools for integrating all of your elements into your final shot.


The VFX Supercomp Panel
Supercomp's dockable UI makes it easy to do complex compositing through clear visual feedback. Supercomp's layers are easy to read at a glance, with intuitive icons for each effect. Quickly access the complete set of effects through a convenient radial menu for fast application and results.
Preview Fine Detail
Often, effects like Light Wrap are almost too subtle to see, especially with so many other effects applied to a layer. With the VFX Supercomp Panel, you can view your full composite, or you can drill all the way down to a single selected effect, making it possible to see and alter small details for better results. VFX Supercompgives you a visual preview that delivers contextual feedback at every level.
Context-Aware Effects
Unlike standard After Effects layers and effects, in VFX Supercomp, all layers and effects applied are aware of changes to the other layers in your composite. Adjustments will ripple throughout your composite, altering any pixels that should be affected by those changes. Swap out a background, or change the order of your layers, and all light wraps, diffusions, haze, etc., will automatically change with it — no need to hunt through multiple After Effects comps, layers, and effects.
VFX Supercomp Layers
Supercomp supports three different layer types: Normal, Additive, and Siplacement. Each layer type has its own set of effects and presets. You can also specify the gamma (log, video, and more) of your layer, which makes it easy to combine elements from different sources and cameras.
    • Presets
    • Animation
    • 32-bit Floating Point HDR
    • GPU Acceleration
    • Easy Pickup and Handoff
    • Color Correction
    • Optical Glow
    • Layer Glow
    • Light Wrap
    • Reverse Light Wrap
    • Haze
    • Blur Behind
    • Edge Erode
    • Volume Fog
    • Edge Blend
    • Diffusion
    • Heat Blur
    • Core Matte
    • Displacement Layers
    • Grain, Managed


Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of VFX Supercomp requires:

After Effects Creative Cloud
Create incredible motion graphics and visual effects.

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