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Arena4D Data Studio Professional - 1-Year License

Arena4D Data Studio Professional: Secure your point cloud files, and view them in a fully functional GIS platform.

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Arena4D Data Studio Professional 1-Year License is a fully featured modular software package capable of displaying and editing massive point cloud data sets on standard PC hardware.

Arena4D Data Studio Professional is capable of visualising point clouds, imagery, panoramas, shape files, GPS tracks and much more all in a single contextual view. No need to swap packages to see all your data together. The unique contextual GIS platform allows you to combine multiple different data sets into a complete 3D document that you can share with other Arena4D Data Studio users.

Arena4D Data Studio Professional is the only point cloud editing software package which also makes available Arithmetica's Pointfuse vecotrization technology and NCTech's Colour Cloud & Measurement modules. Arena4D Data Studio also supports the latest VR developments and provides stunning immersive 3D reality on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive platforms.

Arena4D Data Studio Professional allows you to markup, annotate, measure and even edit your point clouds too. They can then be exported in many common formats..

Also included is a powerful animation component that generates UHD quality movies quickly at the touch of a button. You can even generate 360 panoramic video.


Easy and Powerful
Simple but rich user interface.
1000's of seats deployed.
No Limit
View point clouds of unlimited size.
Constant Development
Data Studio is growing in functionality all of the time.
Add data types from many sources to create a rich understandable 3D scene
Cutting Edge
Researching, exploring and applying cutting edge technology.


Each module of Arena4D Data Studio Professional brings particular capabilities to the software and allow you to custom build Data Studio to suit your requirements and budget.
This is a Full Version of Arena4D Data Studio Professional and contains:
Panoramas Module
Viewing panoramic imagery in Data Studio using the Panoramas function not only allows a user to add, the often underutilized photographic information captured as part of a LIDAR scan, to a project, but also allows panoramas from any panoramic capture device to be added.
Scanner panoramas:
  • View in context – Almost all Laser Scanners capture imagery to only colourise the scan data. Add the image to your point cloud and view from anywhere.
  • Measurements – If georeferenced or positioned correctly, the panorama can bemused to take measurements from within the panoramic Sphere or Cylinder.
  • Annotation – If georeferenced or positioned correctly, annotate items from within the panorama.
  • Visualisation – On occasion point cloud data alone is not good enough to identify items within a scene, the panoramic imagery can help in identification.
NCTech iSTAR Panoramas:
  • Full HDR – View in isolation or together with other data to provide a rich contextual data type.
  • NCTech Measure – Take measurements directly from the panorama, without the need for a point cloud in the background.
Animation Suite Module
The Data Studio Animation function is a unique and powerful solution for the production of movies, from a basic fly through up to complex animations of any object and/or a part of or all of a point cloud.

Animation Creation
  • Frames – Create an animation with unlimited 'Frames'.
  • Point Clouds – Animate part of or an entire point cloud and any of its properties.
  • Objects – Add any object and animate it within a scene.
  • Camera Location – Define a camera location for each frame, of an animation.
  • View – Camera Locations, Bezier Curves, Frame Focal point for a a third person perspective
  • Edit – Camera Locations, Bezier Curves and time durations associated with frame transition and dwell.
  • Time – Control all objects based on an arbitrary or defined time.
Movie Generation:
  • Output Resolution – Low, VGA, PAL, HD, UHD, SUHD or Custom.
  • 360 Degree – Create a 360Degree movie of your animation to allow immersive visualisation in Virtual Reality (VR).
  • Output Format – MOV or Output indvidual frames as images.
  • 3D Stereoscopic – Create a Stereo Movie for visualisation on 3D devices.
  • Supersampling – Create a movie with anti aliasing applied to remove jagged edges.
  • Multiple views – Create a movie from any visualisation angle along a defined trajectory.
  • Edit Playback – Specify a constant Speed, Duration or Field of View along a defined trajectory.
Point Cloud Editing Module
Edit, clean and refine Point Clouds of unlimited size and create LAS layers using the powerful point cloud Editing function.
  • Selection Tools – 3D Brush, Poly Line, Rectangle, Plane, Select All and Invert Selection.
  • Edit Tools – Copy, Delete, Hide and Copy + Delete.
  • Paint Points – Colour, Intensity, Brightness and Contract.
  • Create Points – Patch a hole in your point cloud.
  • Match Points – Match and select Points of a specific colour and/or intensity.
  • Surface Profiler – Identifies deviations in a selected plane.
  • Volume – Calculate the volume of selected points.
  • PointFuse – Create an instant Mesh of selected points and export in FBX, OBJ and DXF.(Requires optional PointFuse module.)
  • LAS Classification – Classify your Point Cloud Data in order to create up to 50 layers within a single file.
Virtual Reality Module
The Virtual Reality function for Data Studio has set the baseline for VR and point clouds. Not limited to viewing the point cloud data from the scan capture location, you can freely move around the data using a combination of the headset and a game controller. The integration of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive headsets and the Power Wall / Cave Projector has shown that the utility of point clouds and VR is going to be necessary to may industries in the future.
VR Devices
  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Powerwall / Cave Projector
VR Control Devices
  • Kinect Sensor
  • Game Controller
  • Oculus & Vive hand controllers
Forensic Module
The Forensics function for Data Studio provides a functionality rich software tool that has been specifically designed in collaboration with Forensic Police teams across the world.
  • Extended Data Objects – Add almost any data object to a point cloud scene in order to build a strong understanding of the location and all relevant evidence.
  • Bullet Trajectory – Scan trajectory rods to provide a bullet trajectory, error cone, compass and origin markers.
  • CSV Import – Data obtained in the traditional way using GPS devices can be added to your scene.
  • View From Point – By selecting any point within a point cloud, you can instantly see and look around from that location.
  • Viewport – Define a pivot point such as the frame of a window and provide a view shed from different locations within a room/car etc.
  • Actor – Define the height, eye offset and field of view and see from their perspective.
  • Deliverables: Projects ToGo – Deliver a simple executable, which encapsulates your project and a free limited functionality Data Studio install. PowerPoint – Create a Powerpoint presentation simply and quickly. PDF – Create a PDF Document simply and quickly. Ortho Rectified Photos – Generates an Orthographic photo and export to a chosen resolution. Project A4D – Data Studio allow a single project to be shared by packaging the project contents into an A4D project.
GIS Module
The Geospatial function for Data Studio enables a Geographic Information System (GIS) user interface that can be used to give complete contextual location understanding, by providing mapping, terrain information, sun position and satellite imagery.
  • Co-Ordinates System – Select a co-ordinate system and all georeferenced data will be positioned in the correct place on the globe.
  • Mapping – Use the Free Open Source mapping or connect to your own map database.
  • Satellite Imagery – Use the Free low resolution satellite imagery, or add your own GeoTiff Map tiles.
  • Sunlight – Change the position of the sun dependant on a time in the past or in the future anywhere in the world.
  • Clouds – Realistic looking cloud texture to add realism to your scenes.
  • Terrain – Use the free Digital Terrain Elevation Model (D-TED) or connect to your own terrain data Base.
Security Module
The Security function for Data Studio provides ownership protection of your data, so it cannot be shared inappropriately, as well as providing a timer, which time limits the use of data which has been legitimately shared. This protection can be applied to the Point Server and standard Data Studio installs.

Tracking Module
The live position data from remote clients, for tracking purposes, can be read and displayed by the Tracking function for Data Studio. The functionality requires the clients to be logged into the system via a web-browser and their position can be displayed in the GIS Module for Data Studio, with map overlays for example.

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