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RhinoSolar: Real 3D Solar Insolation Computation for Rhino Users. Runs as plugin
RhinoSolar for RhinoSupporting the goal of many cities to generate 100% renewable energy, RhinoSolar for Rhino allows you to find out the best solar exposed places of your city, considering global visibility of your entire 3D model.


Solar irradiation
RhinoSolar for Rhino reveals the solar potential of city's infrastructures.
The solar irradiation, or insolation, is the solar energy received by a surface per unit area and per unit time (day, month, year), ie Wh.m-2. Turning this energy into electricity is a major challenge for cities looking for a quick and efficient transition to sustainable energy systems.
RhinoSolar for Rhino computes the 3 components of insolation:
  • direct irradiance: the unobstructed radiation that reaches a surface directly.
  • diffuse irradiance: the solar radiation scattered in the atmosphere.
  • reflected irradiance: sunlight reflected off by non-atmospheric things such as ground.
The global solar irradiation is the sum of these three components. In addition, RhinoSolar for Rhino can manage the impact of cloud cover.
Exact 3D intersection
RhinoSolar for Rhino takes into account the whole 3D visibility complex.
This means that for each ray sun, an exact 3D intersection is evaluated to compute the solar irradiance. This computation takes into account all geometrical objects of the scene.
This exact 3D intersection computation lets you add all potential masks to your study, including relief and vegetation.
RhinoSolar for Rhino works in WGS84 coordinates. Calculating the exact position and inclination of the sun at any time, it can calculate solar irradiation anywhere in the world.
Sunshine duration
RhinoSolar for Rhino can also compute sunshine hours for a given location and period. Sunshine duration data characterize the climate of sites and constitute a starting point for climate and temperature studies.
Less computation time
Solar irradiance estimation involve massive 3D intersection evaluation and accurate irradiance computation. RhinoSolar for Rhino operates multi-core calculation and spatial optimisation in order to speed up computation time on huge 3D models.
RhinoSolar for Rhino offers you many ways to expose resulting computations:
  • CSV files export: the easiest way to manage results in a spreadsheet
  • SQLite database export: the high-reliability, embedded, full-featured and public-domain SQL database engine
  • 3D model texturing, with the use of fully configurable color gradients
  • GeoTiff image export of top view insolation
  • Shapefile export of polygons
  • Embedded inside your CityGML model
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Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of RhinoSolar for Rhino requires :
Rhino 5.0 for WinRhino 5 is still available for your convenience. Be aware that Rhino 6 has been releasedThis item cannot be purchased separately.

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