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More Floating Lic.This is a Floating License version of Phoenix FD 3.13 for Maya

Phoenix FD for Maya: Simulate smoke, fire, liquids, splashes, and foam. Includes 1 Sim License. Compatible with Maya 2020

Phoenix FD 3.13 for Maya 1-Month Rental empowers VFX artists to simulate fire, smoke, explosions, liquids, foam and splashes, while offering exceptional flexibility and speed. Phoenix FD 3.13 for Maya is a hybrid simulation system that includes grids and particles, enabling you to get the best of both worlds. Fully integrated with Autodesk Maya and optimized to render with V-Ray, Phoenix FD 3.13 for Maya harnesses the power of Chaos Group's rendering engine including proper GI from the generated fluid. And Phoenix FD 3.13 for Maya is compatible with and supports industry standard tools and formats like Alembic and OpenVDB.

Key Features

Simulation Retiming
Speed up or slow down simulation playback. Perfect for slow motion effects.
Smoke, Fire & Explosions
Create all types of fire and smoke effects with Phoenix FD's powerful adaptive dynamics engine
Interactive Simulations
Fine-tune simulations interactively in the viewport with Phoenix FD's GPU-accelerated preview
Refine Simulations
Increase simulation resolution and add detail without changing overall shape or behavior
Simulation Retiming
Speed up or slow down simulation playback. Perfect for slow motion effects.
Cascade Simulations
Create a series of simulations that trigger and interact with each other
Emission Sources
Use a wide range of customizable emission sources - animated meshes, texture maps and particles - to drive complex simulations
Simulate highly realistic and complex vorticity effects with full control over large-scale vortex strength and ultra-fine details
Perfect for generating small wisps of smoke and steam
Render particles as bubbles, drops, points, or fog
Ocean Simulations
Easily create ocean surfaces that never repeat using procedural ocean displacement. Preview and render the ocean surface without simulating cache files.
Wave Force
Transition from a procedural ocean surface to detailed wave simulations
Optimized Rendering
Render photorealistic fluids and volumetric effects using V-Ray's optimized Phoenix FD shader
Simulation Licenses
Use Phoenix FD simulation licenses to submit jobs over the network to Deadline and Backburner

New in this version

Variable Viscosity
Melt and mix liquids with different viscosity in one simulation.
Flip Solver
Fast and more realistic liquid solver
Quick Presets
New toolbar with presets for fire, smoke and liquid simulations
Fast Volume Rendering
Optimized volume rendering with accurate lighting and global illumination
New Fire & Smoke Solver
Create realistic smoke and fire with super fine details
Force Controls
Art direct and control simulations with forces like wind, mesh attraction, and more
Path Follow
Create simulations that follow a path along a spline

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Phoenix FD 3.13 for Maya — 1-Month Rental requires :
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