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XirusCAD for Rhino

Xirus CAD: The intuitive Rhino 6 and Rhino 5 plugin. Design your products with less effort, faster and smoother. The Rhino tool for industrial designers and jewelry designers.

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The intuitive Rhino 6 and Rhino 5 plugin. Design your products with less effort, faster and smoother. 

Subdivision, bridges, Y-branches, smooth surface patches, star point creation with G2 or higher continuity and much more! XirusCAD for Rhinoprovides a new, intuitive CAD solution for organic and freeform modeling.

XirusCAD for Rhinosimulates immediate responsiveness to a broad range of geometrical parameters that are key for complex 3D modeling such as:
  • direct control of tangents
  • direct control of curvature
  • direct access to the digital object through interpolating control points
  • watertight junctions with immediate smoothness control
  • subdivision and local refinement with controllable smoothness
  • more localized control than NURBS and fewer parameters
XirusCAD for Rhino Provides:
  • Local refinability wherever you want and whenever you need as with subdivision
  • Flexibility and ease-of-use of polygons but with fewer parameters and exact precision
  • Smoothness and organic shape design as with NURBS


XirusCAD for Rhino Bridge

XirusCAD for Rhino Dome

Piping with XirusCAD for Rhino

XirusCAD for Rhino for Jewelry Designers

The same XirusCAD for Rhino license key works for Rhino 6.


Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of XirusCAD for Rhino requires:

Rhino 6.0 for Windows
Rhino 3D with Grasshopper: The most powerful NURBS 3D CAD Industrial Design and modeling tool with full support from McNeel. Rhino 6.0 license now comes with Grasshopper included.

Customer Reviews

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The perfect replacement for t-splines

Since t-Spline was acquired by Autodesk I was stuck with Rhino 5 and the last release of t-Splines. I wanted to upgrade my Rhino 5 to version 6 but I could not afford to lose all the exceptional features and the versatility of t-Splines. Then XirusCAD appeared on my radar. As soon as I downloaded it I knew that was the solution to my problem. I have to admit that the software is very young, and clearly is not perfect but it provides almost all the features I need. As soon as become familiar with the XirusCAD commands I was finally able to upgrade my old Rhino 5 and now I'm a happy Rhino 6 + XirusCAD user! And I can't wait for the next release of XirusCAD!