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Reach Fashion Studio: Garment and Textile Design software

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Reach Fashion Studio is a multipurpose software for fashion design, sales, sampling and textile printing departments. Packed with features Reach Fashion Studioenables 3D product visualization, texture mapping, color reduction and cleaning, design and repeat, colorways, color communication using REACH and Spec. Creation.


  • 3D Product Visualization
  • Texture Mapping
  • Color Reduction
  • Colorways
  • Color Communication
  • Design & Repeat
  • Fabric Design
  • Spec. Creation


  • Increased creativity and productivity.
  • The design cycle time is dramatically reduced.
  • Manage style effectively, in turn minimizing communication and production problems.
  • Create color and generate colorways. User can create personalized RGB and CMYK color libraries. Colors, from any of these user- defined color libraries, can either be mixed individually within the design or imported from imbedded color libraries, i.e. REACH.
  • Allocate colors from color libraries automatically throughout the entire design, and add them to the file variation library where the various color ways are stored.
  • Create drafts quickly and easily, from the preliminary sketch, through necessary revisions, to the final adopted style, including the creation of storyboard presentations.
  • Texture Mapping: digitally represents the surface of a two-dimensional object as a three-dimensional object. The display of color, brightness and texture is encoded with three-dimensional properties, such as how transparent and reflective the object is. It can be applied to a linear sketch or a photograph.
  • Improve internal communication between creation, commercialization and production without using the samples prepared in the production machines.
  • Simulation systems provide clear advantages by optimizing the processes of creation and production.
  • Saving items to libraries eliminates the need to repeat the work at a later stage.
  • A wide range of effects are available, this includes natural wrinkle creation and create shadow at edge of surface.
    Sales & Marketing
    • The high costs incurred through the development of prototypes and preparation of catalogues are avoided.
    • Considerable reduction in time as the preparation of prototypes and catalogues is avoided.
    • Present the product to clients in a number of style combinations, all in life-like 3D view to add professionalism and highlight key attributes.
    • Presentation can be sent in seconds, and received anywhere around the world almost instantly.
    • The three-dimensional simulation system uses the simulation of the fabric in order to present it on its natural setting.
    • A virtual catalogue can be prepared with thousands of proposals without having to invest either on fabrics or on the development of models and prototypes.
      • Reduce colors to those specified by the user and the number of colors to be separated to number of frames to have printed.
      • Color is something very important in printed fabrics. A sketch with an adequate composition may not be attractive if the colors are not adequate, and nevertheless a sketch with a defective composition may be attractive if the colors are well combined.
      • The proposals for color combinations are generally materialized on paper, at full size and in repetition, so that they can be evaluated (valued, criticized...) by the sales department before going on to the next step of production, thus obtaining important feedback.
      • REACH color cards supports over 15,000 REACH colors. Auto matching defined color with similar REACH color showing REACH color code; Search REACH color by color name.
        Sampling & Production
        • Decision-making on design, pre-production and even pre-sampling based on 3D views is enabled.
        • The process of sampling is sped up or can be avoided altogether.
        • By detailing specifications consistent product information along with the best possible manufacturing is ensured.
        • By sending files electronically details can be viewed in full color with sharp text and graphics to a standard much higher than that of a fax printout.
        • Time and raw materials are also saved during the study of the collection or sampling.
        • Communication and networking between various departments is facilitated.
        • The fabric simulation system, which turns the computer into a virtual loom, obtains the simulation of the fabric either on the screen or on paper by means of a printer, with total realism.
        • Technical Design - Pattern making must be achieved with the correct technical specifications for the most accurate fit. This is normally achieved by the technical "style" drawing that conveys the look of the apparel garment along with key manufacturing parameters.
        • Duplication of image content is avoided.

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