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e-on Enterprise Solution - Subscription

The Right Solution for Large Scale Production Houses, bundles VUE, PlantFactory, 25 Render-Nodes network rendering licenses, and an ever-growing library of new vegetation species

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Harness the power of procedural environment asset creation and become a digital God. Maximize both your team's creativity and productivity, while boosting your return on investment and profitability.


e-on Enterprise Solution includes:
  • VUE
  • PlantFactory Creator
  • 25 RenderNodes (Win/Mac)
Be Efficient
Harness the power of procedural environmental asset to maximize your team's creativity and productivity while boosting your return on investment and profitability.
Thanks to plethoric interoperability technologies, the e-on Enterprise Solution seamlessly integrates into any production pipeline - for VFX, films, gaming, and architectural visualization industries
The e-on Enterprise Solution offers the most comprehensive environment creation toolkit for your artists: for environment asset creators, concept artists, matte painters, lighters, compositors, game designers, and more!
Whatever your team creates is exportable to your other pipeline tools. Single assets (terrains, trees, rocks, etc.), entire scenes, 3D cloud layers or standalone clouds, skymaps, HDR light probes, and skydomes, multi-pass renders… you name it!
Pipeline Friendly
E-on solutions are developed with pipeline integration in mind, so that you don't have to think about it. Both VUE and PlantFactory include the recommended - or most recent - versions of The VFX Reference Platform set of tools and libraries (based on CY2018 norm) such as Python, OpenVDB, OpenEXR, Alembic, Ptex, FBX etc.
Software licensing is also standardized with your other pipeline tools, based on the RLM licensing technology. No more fiddling with custom license server configurations.
e-on Enterprise Solution also comes as floating licenses so that you can vastly save on your licensing costs
Content Free Re-Fill
The e-on Enterprise Solution includes a specific procedural vegetation catalog that will be updated regularly.
These plants were designed by E-On Software internal botanist, to ensure they are physically and botanically correct.
The current collection comprises 20 totally new vegetation species that ship both in HD (high poly-count) and LD (smaller poly-count footprint) – fully textured.
Each procedural species is a Plant Engine that can serve to generate anything from game-ready vegetation to blockbuster Hero trees.
Each species comes with a truckload of presets, and each preset comes with age variations. Best of all, you get access to all parameters and can change everything
Your Render Farm Included
RenderNodes are designed to work efficiently alongside the other tools in your production facility. They are controlled by your render farm manager using simple command line instructions.
Your Enterprise Solution includes 25 Windows or Mac RenderNodes (Linux versions and/or additional seat offerings are available upon request).
The RenderNode license will enable you to use a 3rd party network rendering application to manage and distribute the rendering of both VUE scene files (.vue) AND integrated scenes (.max, .ma or .mb, .c4d, .lws, .scn) over a network of computers

VUE Features

VUE features an interface design that's optimized for ease-of-use and productivity and is packed full of amazing rendering features including volumetric effects, glowing materials, lens flares, stars and planets, rocks, and more!
VUE is so productive and easy to use that you'll be designing and animating 3D scenery within seconds.

Flexible and powerful terrain modeling technologies
Hefty plant library
Interactively paint Ecosystems over any surface
Cloud & Atmospheres
Advanced, complete and fully procedural atmospheric engine
Create stunning outdoor and indoor scenery
Create anything from simple bitmapped textures to elaborate multi-layered procedural materials that dynamically respond to the environment.
VUE offers 2 high-end render engines: a fully customizable CPU Ray-tracer, and a hybrid GPU/CPU Path Tracer. 
Install VUE as a a plugin of 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D or LightWave, render scenes with any renderer, program VUE using Python
Export every single asset of your scenes

Extensive multi-pass rendering options

PlantFactory Features

PlantFactory is packed with amazing features that deliver unsurpassed realism and performance. An essential tool for any VFX pipeline, PlantFactory will have you creating stunning digital art in a flash!

Production Proof (Professional and Enterprise Solutions only)
Plants created with PlantFactory can be exported to any 3D application
PlantFactory + VUE
PlantFactory will fully integrate and expand VUE’s capabilities
Dynamically set global plant characteristics such as plant age, health, and seasonality.
Total Control & Endless Possibilities
Build plants by manually drawing them, by assembling ready-made components, or from scratch

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