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e-on Creator Solution - Subscription

The Right Solution for Passionate Creators, includes VUE Creator and PlantFactory Creator, a very economical yet powerful solution for artists to create natural 3D environments

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e-on Creator Solution is The Right Solution for Passionate Creators - comprises VUE Creator and PlantFactory Creator, a very economical yet powerful solution for artists to create natural 3D environments.



e-on Creator Solution includes:
  • VUE Creator
  • PlantFactory Creator
Be Creative

Are you passionate about creating stunning, natural 3D environments?

This solution lets you recreate your wildest digital ideas - from photorealistic natural landscapes, terrains, sci-fi or fantasy scenes, to abstract art, and more! If you dream it, you can create it!

The Creator Solution balances both your budget and creativity by combining both VUE and PlantFactory - Creator Editions to fit all of your artistic needs! VUE can animate all of the exposed plant properties (such as Health, Seasonality or any other published plant parameter).


Easy to learn, easy to use!

Create vast expanses of everything from terrains to full planets, add new vegetation or create your own, select the best point of view and render hyper-realistic images, animations, VR panoramas or stereoscopics of your landscapes in moody atmospheres. The best part? This can all be done in just a few clicks.

Benefit from a fantastic, hyperactive community of users where you can share, inspire, and learn from one another and grow with our endless supply of Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, and Webinars!

Unrivaled Natural 3D Creation

E-On Software has got the power!

E-On Software fully procedural technology for terrains, materials, vegetation, cloud layers and more is the perfect asset to your creative pipeline!

Profit from the ability to interactively paint entire forests, generate advanced ecosystem population rules, and create your own vegetation species – start from a preset, or from scratch!

You can also import your content in all popular 3D formats, load, re-pose and render Poser and DAZ content, convert any mesh to cloud volumes, and for ultra-realistic effects, texture everything with PBR materials – and this is just scratching the surface of what you can achieve!


Lights, camera, action!

Brace yourself for the 4th dimension with our Creator Solution that lets you animate anything from skies, cloud layers, objects, vegetation, materials, terrains, cameras, you name it!

Need more horsepower? Convert up to 5 additional computers to create your personal render farm.

Preset Content

Filled to the brim!

E-On Software wouldn't leave you high and dry! This solution is packed with the content you need to focus on your creativity!

Take advantage of our countless vegetation species and components, atmospheres, terrains, clouds, brush tools, presets, PBR materials, and more!


VUE Features


VUE features an interface design that's optimized for ease-of-use and productivity and is packed full of amazing rendering features including volumetric effects, glowing materials, lens flares, stars and planets, rocks, and more! 

VUE is so productive and easy to use that you'll be designing and animating 3D scenery within seconds.


VUE integrates flexible and powerful terrain modeling technologies. From creating full planets to infinitely detailed terrainscapes, VUE's got you covered!

Create hydrological and thermal simulations, manually sculpt them in real time, and even animate the parameters. Procedural terrains provide an unlimited level of detail; move your camera closer, and more detail is seamlessly added.

Like procedural terrains, Heightfield Terrains are based on a function graph but baked on a fixed-resolution grid. Allowing more flexibility and realism to your terrains. Heightfield Terrains are also significantly faster to render!



VUE ships with a hefty plant library, comprised of over 170 plant species, from HD vegetation to low resolution. More species are added on a regular basis(Enterprise Solutions only).

The VUE vegetation technology ensures that no two plants you add to your scene will be identical, freeing you from hardcore vegetation modeling tasks, and adding more subtlety to your scenes.

The Plant Editor lets you easily customize any of the plants included and allows you to create your own, unique plant species. VUE will also automatically animate plants for you so that they gently sway in the breeze, or twist and bend in strong winds!

VUE is natively compatible with the fully procedural PlantFactory file format, to produce high-quality hero trees as well as distant vegetation. VUE can animate all of the exposed plant properties (such as Health, Seasonality or any other published plant parameter).



With e-on's patented Ecosystem technology, you can easily populate your scenes with millions of plants, trees, stones, and other objects, to achieve an unprecedented level of natural complexity and detail while keeping VUE's performance and display running smoothly.

Ecosystems do not merely scatter objects randomly across the surface. Instead, our technology decides where to place them according to the natural rules you define.

Additionally, the Ecosystem painter lets you interactively paint Ecosystems over any surface.


Cloud & Atmospheres

Simply said, VUE has the most advanced, complete and fully procedural atmospheric engine on the market. Convert any mesh to clouds, create complex atmospheres from scratch, or use any of the predefined atmospheres, create planetary cloud layers, and export standalone clouds or full cloud layers as openVDB (Professional and Enterprise Solutions only).

You can easily control the overall shape of the clouds, from feathery to clumpy and create skies with as many overlapping spectral cloud layers as you like for complex and unbelievably realistic cloudscapes!



VUE offers a multitude of lighting options to create stunning outdoor and indoor scenery including a scientifically accurate photometric atmosphere/light model, cutting-edge global illumination and indirect lighting engines, HDR image-based lighting, a complete set of light types with raytraced and mapped soft shadows and a full-featured lens flare editor.



The creation of natural 3D environments requires highly complex shaders that respond to altitude or slope, seamlessly cover any terrain, and exhibit enough detail whether seen from distance or from close-up.

VUE features a shader system that is fully optimized for the challenges of Digital Nature. By using three types of material editors, you can effectively create anything from simple bitmapped textures to elaborate multi-layered procedural materials that dynamically respond to the environment.

VUE is fully compliant with the PBR Metalness workflow and includes a Specular to Metalness converter.



VUE offers 2 render engines: a fully customizable CPU Ray-tracer, and a hybrid GPU/CPU Path Tracer. Both render engines incorporate all of today's high-end features yet stands out in their ability to handle huge polygon counts quickly and efficiently.

Render your scenes in stereo, 360° VR Panoramas, VR180, to play them on any Stereo-compliant platform (such as Youtube for instance) or devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Nvidia 3DVision, Sony PSVR, Google DayDream, Google Cardboard etc.

For more artistic freedom, VUE also includes a fully featured Non-Photorealistic Rendering shader that analyzes your renders to create stylized artwork.

PlantFactory Features

PlantFactory is packed with amazing features that deliver unsurpassed realism and performance. An essential tool for any VFX pipeline, PlantFactory will have you creating stunning digital art in a flash!

PlantFactory + VUE

When used in conjunction with VUE, PlantFactory will fully integrate and expand the software, so that you can access the plant editing power of PlantFactory directly from VUE and use the VUE tools to affect the PlantFactory vegetation.

Furthermore, when used inside of VUE, PlantFactory creates unique vegetation - i.e. no two plants of the same species will ever look exactly alike. PlantFactory plants also sway in the breeze, or twist and bend in strong winds.

PlantFactory plants will automatically adapt their resolution with distance, through a dynamic LOD system, making them perfect for Hero plants, foreground, mid-ground and background placements in your compositions.

PlantFactory vegetation can be edited directly within the VUE Plant Editor. Specific parameters from the plant graph can be extracted to the Plant Editor to create simplified, high-level controls and facilitate your plant editing process.

Last but not least, like any VUE component, PlantFactory plants will work seamlessly with the EcoSystem technology to create landscapes containing millions of unique plants!


One of the key features of PlantFactory is its ability to dynamically set global plant characteristics such as plant age, health, and seasonality.

These characteristics can drive any node or set of nodes in the TPF graph to add more complete plant definition and realism.


Total Control & Endless Possibilities

Plants created in PlantFactory are built in three different ways.

  • Like a painter! - By manually drawing the shape of the plant you want:

    In Manual mode, you just paint branches using your mouse (or tablet). The graph of nodes is automatically regenerated after each mouse stroke. Once painted, you can access each painted element and easily fine-tune every aspect of it using graph parameters, or even visually modify the geometry using standard manipulation Gizmos.

  • Like a builder! - by assembling ready-made components:

    The Components method is the fastest and easiest way to model vegetation. PlantFactory ships with a library of pre-made components for trunks, branches, leaves, fruits, etc. Components are fully textured, UV mapped, displaced, and pre-animated. Just select the component you want to use, and TPF will intelligently add it to the graph and connect its parameters automatically, without any further action from you.

  • Like a boss! - by constructing everything from scratch, using a procedural graph of nodes:

    Using the graph of nodes, you build your plants from simple geometry nodes. Each geometry node features multiple parameters that you adjust and combines to achieve the desired look. Each one of these parameters can be extracted and controlled using other nodes (for instance, you can link the size and color of your leaves to the age of your plant). You can even create simple interfaces to control your plants: by publishing specific parameters of the graph you provide high-level control to the intricate properties of the plant.

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