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Motion Stretch Deformer: Plugin for Cinema 4D that stretches your object through time along the path of its animation
Motion Stretch Deformer is a Cinema 4D plugin that pulls your object's points forwards and backwards in time along their animation. It's a great tool for creating motion trails, cartoon style motion blur, or just adding a little extra weight to just about any polygon animation.


  • Motion Stretch Deformer can be applied to any polygon object, simply add; cache; and choose what length of time to stretch your objects over
  • Works with any deformer animation, including character animation, or simply animate your object's position, rotation or scale to create a trail.
  • Layer up effects. Difference Maps store the influence of Motion Stretch Deformer in a vertex map for use in shaders and other deformers.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Motion Stretch Deformer requires :
Cinema 4D Broadcast R20Cinema 4D Broadcast: The Industry Standard for Broadcast Professionals. Everything you need to create dynamic broadcast 3D graphics quickly and easilyThis item cannot be purchased separately.
Cinema 4D Prime R20Cinema 4D Prime: The ideal choice for all graphic designers and 3D artists looking to add advanced 3D graphics to their toolsetThis item cannot be purchased separately.
Cinema 4D R21Cinema 4D: The fastest and easiest-to-use advanced 3D animation solution. Includes all Studio, Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and BodyPaint features!3,495Get a Quote
Cinema 4D Visualize R20Cinema 4D Visualize: Everything you need to create dynamic broadcast 3D graphics quickly and easilyThis item cannot be purchased separately.

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