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Vectorworks Spotlight Certification - Professional Certification Program

Tangably Online Certification: A 24-Week Professional Certification Program

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Vectorworks Spotlight Certification Professional Certification Program is a 24-week guided program of Masterclasses to guide, train, and certify you and/or your team on comprehensive professional skills related to designing, drafting, modeling, and rendering projects created with Vectorworks Spotlight design software.

Learning professional skills with Vectorworks Spotlight at a deep level and building an intuitive understanding of the software will enable you (and your team) to:
  • better communicate your intentions with prospective customers
  • swiftly resolve support issues internally
  • professionally develop and present projects for your clients at a high level of aptitude

More efficient workflows allow you and/or your team to take on larger, more complex, and more concurrent projects over time - the larger your team, the greater your ROI.

Each of the certification program components is a Vectorworks Spotlight Masterclass designed to build upon the skills of the previous Masterclass. The program culminates with three weeks of final assigned exercises and graded certification examination to verify the participants understanding and familiarity with best practices in Vectorworks Spotlight.

Don't put your clients on hold

What the Certification Program includes

Enrollment In This Certification Program Includes:
  • 24 weekly batches of project-based training exercises and on-demand video lectures
  • Commenting and group discussion feature integrated within each lecture
  • Weekly live-streamed Q&A with Masterclass instructor and fellow participants
  • Periodic skills quizzes to reinforce key concepts
  • Lecture-integrated supportive text
  • Downloadable exercise files in .VWX 2018, 2017 and 2016 format
  • Printable shortcut reminders & tip sheets
  • Personalized, portable and verifiable Masterclass Completion Certificates allow participants who complete the coursework and exams to highlight their new skills on their resume, website and LinkedIn profile
  • Regular team progress reports for enterprise clients allow managers to track individual progress throughout the training process.

Vectorworks Spotlight Certification includes:

Foundational Event Planning
This 3-week Masterclass starts on the ground level and builds up from there. We will explore the essential knowledge, skills, and best practices used by fellow entertainment professionals using Vectorworks Spotlight.
Intermediate Event Modeling
This 6-week Masterclass quickly builds on a foundational understanding of the Spotlight universe. In this course we will develop a daily design workflow for use with Vectorworks Spotlight.
Advanced 3D Modeling and Resource Management
This 4-week Masterclass excels beyond intermediate skills and develops a solid understanding and advanced knowledge of using 3D modeling in a design and planning workflow with Vectorworks Spotlight. Study will also be focused on using the Resource Manager to create, source, manipulate, and organize 3-dimensional and hybrid 2D/3D symbols.
Advanced Reporting & Publishing
This 4-week Masterclass is designed to help the professional user develop a solid understanding and familiarity of using Reports and Worksheet creation capabilities in advanced workflows with Vectorworks Spotlight. These skills are vital for designers working on collaborative projects and those on multi-level teams. Study will also be focused on developing an advanced understanding of Publishing and Export capabilities.
Advanced Rendering & Visualization
In this 4-week Masterclass we create stunning and realistic representations of the event model within Vectorworks Spotlight. You will develop an advanced understanding of lighting controls, texture mapping, image backgrounds, materiality, reflectivity, camera settings, and much more.
Final Assignments & Certification Exam
Comprehensive Final assignments and examination to qualify as a Tangably CERTIFIED | Vectorworks Spotlight Professional. Highlight your new Skills on your resume or LinkedIn.


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Customer Reviews

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I Highly recommend training with tangably

Tangably has the ability to create projects with Ve???ctorworks design software at a level of detail that few can achieve, even with a handful of the other leading software titles.

We couldn’t imagine being happier with our engagement with Tangably

Designer came back full of energy and was very complimentary of the trainer and the curriculum. Having Tangably in our hip pocket removes significant obstacles for us going forward with regards to considering potential candidates and overall recruitment. Thank you so much for your commitment and passion for the Vectorworks program and community.

saved me many hours of work

The instructor showed me short cuts and answered questions that I could not find in any other training manual or online. The instructor is a real expert in his field. I highly recommend training with Tangably.