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Mindesk: The first VR/AR interface for desktop CAD software. Integrated with Rhino 6
Mindesk 2 1-Month Subscription is the first VR/AR (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) interface for desktop CAD software.


Rhino native interface
The first VR interface in the world 100% integrated within your CAD software. McNeel Rhino 6 currently supported.
No export required
Do not export your project: it wastes your time and may break your model! Rather, download our plug-in and start using VR within your CAD.
VR ready viewer
Explore your 3D CAD projects in virtual reality using HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.
VR interaction
Navigate complex 3D models thanks to our 6 Degree Of Freedom (6DOF) interface optimized for a seamless and natural experience in VR.

VR makes Point Clouds easier

Mindesk VR CAD + Rhino + Grasshopper = Points Cloud reverse engineering

Supported VR/AR Devices

To use Mindesk, you will then need a PC-based headset with two 6 degree-of-freedom controllers. Mindesk currently supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) to serve designing in VR. Also, Meta 2 could be used for AR 3D mirroring. Choose your prefered VR/AR device for Mindesk.

Mindesk for Rhino 6 Grasshopper

Mindesk Grasshopper XR 0.0.1

VR-CAD User Interface

Mindesk VR interface allows you to control McNeel Rhino 6 by using your VR controller instead of mouse and keyboard.
You can still use Rhino in the traditional way by just removing your headset. Once you start Mindesk, turn on your VR controllers and continue working immersed in the Rhino space.
Your controllers are replaced by two virtual controllers in the virtual world. The left one is marked with a red M, while the right one has a blue M engraved on it. This allows you to easily recognize controllers, since they're used for different functions.

Tool Palette

The tool palette contains all main design tools used in Mindesk. You can select design tool from the palette before start working on your project.
Press and hold the Pad button on the left controller to open the tool palette. While the palette is open, hover right controller to select the desired tool and press the right trigger button to activate it. Once successfully picked, the tool should appear on the side of each controller.
In the tool palette you can activate and deactivate VR SNAP tools as well.
The tool palette is divided into two areas: design tools are listed on the left as 3D icons, while VR SNAP functions are listed to the right as text.

Design Tools

  • Patch - Select a closed curve and press (T) to make a patched surface from it.
  • Loft - Select at least two curves and press (T) to make a lofted surface from them.
  • Extrude - Select a generating curve or surface, hold (T) and drag the generating surface to extrude it toward a desired extrusion direction.
  • Offset - Select a generating surface, hold (T) and drag the generating surface to generate an offset solid.
  • Spline - Press (T) to start drawing a 3D spline and add control points. Click (T) on the latest control point to close the spline. Click (T) on the first control point to close the spline.
  • Poly - Press (T) to start drawing a 3D polyline and add control points. Click (T) on the latest control point to close the open polyline. Click (T) on the first control point to close the polyline.
  • Knots - Select a target object and press (T) to show its control points.
  • Revolve - Select the target object, press and hold (T) on the first controller to define a pivot point, press and hold (T) on the second controller to define a reference point, drag the second controller to revolve the object around the pivot point, release (T) complete the revolution.

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