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PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension - Floating License - Subscription

Expands the capabilities of PTC Creo Simulate and allows the study of how advanced, nonlinear effects should influence the product design

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PTC Creo Simulate and PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension Floating License have the same user interface, workflow and productivity tools that are standard throughout the PTC Creo family. The combination of PTC Creo Simulate and PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension can be used as a standalone application or as an extension of PTC Creo Parametric.

Features and Specifications

PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension 
includes all the features of PTC Creo Simulate, plus the following: 

Analysis Capabilities
  • Nonlinear Static Structural Analysis - Large Displacements and Strains 
    - Sliding Contact 
    - Hyper-elastic Materials 
    - Elasto-plastic Materials 
    - Nonlinear Springs 
    - Boundary Conditions applied sequentially 
    - Snap-through
  • Dynamic Structural Analysis - Time Response 
    - Frequency Response 
    - Random Response 
    - Response Spectrum
  • Pre-stress Structural Static Analysis
  • Pre-stress Structural Modal Analysis
  • Nonlinear Steady State Thermal Analysis - Temperature Dependent Convections 
    - Gray Body Radiation 
    - Temperature dependent Material Properties
    - Boundary Conditions applied sequentially
  • Transient Thermal Analysis
  • Adaptive Nonlinear iterations
  • Adaptive Transient solution
Structural Boundary Conditions
  • Preloads of Bolts
  • Base Excitation for Dynamic Analyses
    - Uniaxial 
    - Translations and Rotations 
    - Translations at 3 Points
  • Frequency Dependence of Load Sets for Frequency Response
  • Time Dependence of Load Sets for Time Response
  • Power Spectral Densities for Random Response
Thermal Boundary Conditions
  • Transient Heat Loads
  • Traveling Heat Loads
  • Transient Convection Conditions
  • Radiation Conditions
  • Non-isotropic Material Properties
    - Orthotropic 
    - Transversely Isotropic
  • Transversely Isotropic Material Failure Limits:
    - Supported Criteria: Tsai-Wu, Maximum Stress, Maximum Strain
  • Material Orientation of volumes and surfaces
  • Hyper-elastic Stress-Strain Response
    - Automatic fitting of experimental data 
    - Supported models: Arruda-Boyce, MooneyRivlin, Neo-Hookean, Polynomial Order 2, Reduced Polynomial Order 2, Yeoh
  • Elasto-plastic Stress-Strain Response
    - Automatic fitting of experimental data 
    - Supported models: Linear Hardening, Power Law, Exponential Law 
    - Thermal Softening effect
  • Temperature dependent Thermal Conductivity
Element Types and Idealizations
  • Laminate Shells
    - General Layup Editor 
    - Direct import of Laminate Stiffness
  • Advanced Springs
    - General (nonlinear) Force-Deflection Curve 
    - General Stiffness Matrix, including automatic calculation of off-diagonal coupling terms
  • Advanced Concentrated Masses
    - General Moments of Inertia 
    - Mass from Component
Meshing Tools
  • Mapped meshed regions
  • Prismatic regions
  • Thin solid regions
  • Advanced Rigid Links
  • Weighted Links
2D Analysis
  • 2D Plane Stress
  • 2D Plane Strain
  • 2D Axi-symmetric
  • Measure Graphs vs. Time, Frequency, Load Step
  • Measures for Dynamic Analyses
    - At Each Step 
    - Maximum over Interval 
    - Time at which maximum occurs
  • Measures for Transient Thermal Analyses
    - At Each Step 
    - Maximum over Interval 
    - Time at which maximum occurs
Language Support
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese




Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension Floating License - 1-Year Subscription requires:


PTC Creo 6.0 Design Premium
PTC Creo Design Premium (T4): Extended collaboration and Mathcad, Simulation, flow analysis and fatigue advisor

Trial Download

PTC Creo Free Trial Software Download

Download and test PTC Creo before you make your purchasing decision.


HW Specs

Recommended System Specification

Manufacturer's system requirements are generally the bare minimum that you need to run the software and insufficient for effective and productive operation of the product. 

Our suggested "real world" mid-range desktop system key specifications to properly run Creo are as follows:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7
  • Memory: 32GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA QUADRO RTX4000
  • Hard Drive: 1TB NVMe
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Novedge, in partnership with High Speed Computing, can also provide the perfect hardware for your design needs, pre-installed with your software, at a very competitive price. Contact us to discuss custom-configured workstations and laptops.

Suggested Workstation

Gold 3D Workstation - NOVEDGE

 Gold 3D Workstation

CPU: Intel Core i9
Memory: 32GB
Hard Drive: 1TB NVMe
Graphics Card: NVIDIA QUADRO RTX4000 



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