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More Multi-UserThis is the Subscription Renewal for Netfabb Local Simulation

Non-linear finite element thermo-mechanical solver for additive manufacturing (AM) processes
Netfabb Local Simulation -- 3-Year Multi-user Subscription RenewalAutodesk Netfabb Local Simulation 3-Year Multi-user Subscription Renewal is a non-linear finite element thermo-mechanical solver for additive manufacturing (AM) processes.
With the graphical user interface, Autodesk Simulation Utility for Netfabb, users can easily set up, execute, and examine analysis results. Advanced users may prefer the command-line interface to access advanced or beta features of Local Simulation.
Netfabb Local Simulation can be used to perform predictive modeling of the AM build process to help guide the design and manufacture of AM parts.
Simulation can model AM processes directly using traditional moving source thermo-mechanical methods, or rapidly model large and complex geometries using a unique accurate and fast multi-scale methodology. These models result in histories of temperature, distortion, and stress fields, which coupled with warnings for support structure failure or recoater blade interference, may be used to improve manufacturability for a variety of AM technologies.
Open TableCompare Autodesk Netfabb additive manufacturing solutions
Main Features
Import common file formats
Batch import and repair
Solid model workflow
Automatic mesh repair
Semi-automatic mesh repair
Manual mesh repair
Cloud project collaboration
Mesh to CAD (B-rep) export
Analysis tools
Part and platform statistic
Part level analysis
Mesh compare
Live collision detection
Interlock detection
Z-removability check
Report generation
Model editing
Cutting tools
Mirror and scale
Split or extract shells
Mesh manipulation
Texture and colors
Part hollowing
Orientation and packing
Orientation analysis
Move, rotate, and align
Planar packing
Model packaging
Automatic 3D packing
Latticing and optimization
Lattice Assistant
Lattice Commander
Selective Space Structures (3S)
Lattice Optimization
Support generation
Fused filament fabrication supports
Multiple support types
Parametric supports
Automated support scripts
Semi-automatic support generation
Manual support creation
Angled volume supports
Slice Commander
Visual programming interface
Advanced Toolpathing Utility
Machine integration
Metal machine workspaces
Non-metal machine workspaces
Fused filament fabrication workspaces
LUA scripting
Hybrid manufacturing
Create near-net shapes

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