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ArredoCAD Designer 15.5 Subscription

Interior design software. Draw floor plans, make furniture layouts, design rooms and create stunning 3D images

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ArredoCAD Designer 15.5 has been specially designed for creating interiors and with this 3D interior design software, you can reproduce the models of any manufacturer or create any design or architectural solution according to the different needs of your customers, making possible to draw and furnish a single room as well as an entire flat. The huge libraries containing furniture, doors, materials and finishes, configurable according to the needs of the user, are constantly updated and can be enriched through 3D objects imported from 3ds Max or Sketchup.

The powerful rendering engine, the performing rapidity and the very easy use of the program as well as a more customisable and effective 3D navigation allow you to show to the end customer a photorealistic preview of the design proposal and to experiment in real time alternative solutions making the 3D software ArredoCAD Designer become an irreplaceable marketing and selling tool, that is vital to meet all your clients' needs with highly personalised solutions and to improve your competitiveness.

What's New in ArredoCAD 15.5

New version of ArredoCAD Designer 15.5, all the features:
New Functions:

Improved performance of the rendering engine DRAY:

  • Rendering time reduction of 70% (denoising option)
  • Scene load time reduction
  • Possibility to modify the point of view of the scene, to insert light sources or to modify rendering and material parameters visualizing changes in real time during rendering process (without loading again the scene).
    2D Views and Prints:
    • new visualization with colors or in black & white choosing the function ""silhouette"" (for eliminating object construction lines) in high resolution for plan views, elevations views and sections.
    Material Editor:
    • New advanced presets for more photoreal rendering of mat, glossy, semi-glossy, metallic and colored material as well as colored glass.
    • New option for opening (central and side pivot door).
    Doors and windows:
    • New option for eliminating door/window opening.
    • New option to set and place the measures of electrical, gas and water systems on the right or on the left, now available for switches too.
    New Graphic Archives:

    Shared accessories:

    • New models of hoods by Elica (wall-mounted, for islands, downdraft, ceiling-mounted and built-in)
    • New lighting elements: chandeliers, spots , table lamps, standing lamps, and wall lamps
    • Glas rail for stairs
    • New radiators
    • Sitting 3D models
    • New sofa modules to combine
    • Several new objects: pepper mills, boilers, roller shutter single box, buttons for flush toilets.
      New elements for kitchens:
      • 2 new modern doors (2.21 - 2.24, with horizontal and vertical grain)
      • New corner tall units 45°
      • New tall units with depth 36
      • New tall units for ovens + microwaves
      • 2 new measures for length (40 - 80) available for all elements
      Living room:
      • You can choose the number of shelves to insert into modules independently of the measure of the opening set in the configurator.
      Classical model:
      • Canopy
      • End side panels
      Archive for finishing:
      • 124 new types of finishing Dekton and Sileston for all main categories
      • 105 modern carpets
      • 55 modern pictures

      ArredoCAD Introductory Video

      Introduction to ArredoCAD


      • Photorealistic Render
      • Realtime Render
      • Virtual Reality
      • 3D Libraries
      • Management Of Wall And Floor Covering
      • Creation Of Customized Elements
      • Tiling And Covering Management




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      Great software!

      User-friendly and amazing rendering. I bought it last year and I'm very satisfied with it. Great tool to design!