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Vectorworks Designer 2020

All the design and BIM capabilities of Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight

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This bundle includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight in order to provide you with the best tools for the design and presentation of your creative ideas.

Whether your specialty is architecture, landscape, or entertainment design, Vectorworks Designer software enables you to draft, model, and present in a single, intuitive interface. Enhance your workflow and enable great design to materialize from inspiration, exploration, and discovery with Vectorworks Designer 2020 - the ultimate solution for the design professional who needs it all.

3D Modeling with Vectorworks

The Fundamentals of 3D Modeling with Vectorworks

The Power of 3D Modeling with Vectorworks

Simplify Your Workflows

  • Customize Your Drawings With 2D Components For Hybrid Objects
  • Benefit From Bim-Ready Building Libraries
  • Save Time With Data Tags
  • Benefit From Advances In Marionette
  • Simplify The Data Handover With Cobie Worksheets
  • Better OpenBIM With Custom IFC Export
  • Easily Create Concept Layouts With Image Effects
  • Increase Efficiency With Improved Pdf Workflows
  • Improve Collaboration With Revit
  • Discover Streamlined Section Drawing Creation

Enhance Your Modeling Process

  • Create Remarkable Presentations With New Clip Cube Options
  • Save Time Specifying With New Object Catalogs
  • Quickly Capture Site Data With Point Cloud Enhancements
  • Speed Up Your Modeling Process With Subdivision Iterations
  • Increase Accuracy With Non-Horizontal Ceilings And Floors In Space Objects
  • Improve Space Planning With Space Styles

Enjoy Exceptional Quality

  • Multiple-Core Support For The Vectorworks Graphics Module
  • Improve Collaboration With Better Dwg Imports And Exports
  • Work Faster With The Vectorworks Graphics Module On Sheet Layers
  • Enjoy Simpler Title Block Management
  • Improve Navigation With Layer And Class Filtering
  • Increase Your Efficiency With Improved Stairs
  • Discover Peace Of Mind With Project Sharing Diagnostics
  • Easily Handle Changes With Improved Chain Dimensions
  • Take Control With Improved Flyover Sensitivity


    Support & Maintenance

    Vectorworks Designer 2020 includes 12 months FREE technical support directly from Vectorworks. Vectorworks Technical Support is available to all registered users by fax, by e-mail and by phone from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Theatrical Drafting

    It's definitely expensive, but It's the industry standard for a reason. It's rock solid and can be used for very simple diagrams to very complicated set & lighting designs.

    Review of Vectorworks 2010

    I recently received my copy of Vectorworks Designer 2010. It contains Vectorworks: fundamentals, architect, renderworks, landmark, spotlight, and machine design.
    I've been using this software since it was mini-cad, sometime around 1997 or so. Before VW, I used auto cad, sketchup, and chief architect.
    In general I've found VW to be the most practical, full featured, and easy to use design software available. The price is also the most competitive in it's class.
    I have had mixed feelings and mixed results about upgrading over the years, some upgrades seem to take lots of time to learn, with small results.
    Other upgrades have yielded big results with little pain. 2010 has been huge results with almost no pain! I'll digress to the early days of mini-cad.
    The first few upgrades came with nice, easy to follow manuals, and good tutorial cd's for a modest price. After a few upgrades, no more books! I complained and was told
    that it was a decision aimed at saving trees, how could I argue with that? I have to admit that one aspect of VW software that has consistantly left me underwhelmed
    has been the help files. In 12 odd years of using the software, I don't know that I've ever learned anything from the help files, or even found the right file for any issue.
    However, that's the only part of VW that I haven't loved - they've more than made up for it in every other detail and about a year ago I solved the help thing.

    A year or two ago I easily tripled my use and efficiency of VW by the addition of the manuals, podcasts, video files and personal help of Jonathan Pickup of Archoncad in New Zealand.
    He offers invaluable advice and materials to maximize the value of the software, as well as being very pleasant to relate to. I basically use Jonathan's books instead of help files -
    they sit next to my computer. Before I even installed 2010, I bought and watched everything he has produced about it and thus the transition was seamless.

    2010 is really amazing! The features t...

    Best CAD Package

    I have used AutoCAD for over 10 years along with various other packages (Microstation and ArchiCAD just to name a few) and I must say that I was rather worried that I was too embedded into AutoCAD before purchasing Vectorworks DESIGNER. However, as soon as I got this package into my hands and installed it, I realized that it was beyond anything I have ever imagined. It's user-friendly, customizable, easy-to-use, and best of all, they don't force you to upgrade! It has flawless DXF/DWG translation so you can still use this package with others who use AutoCAD - this package will allow you to do so many more things than any other package will allow you to do. The 3D features and Rendering capabilities are incredible and just phenomenal. You must try it.