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NuGraf - One Year Core Maintenance

Advanced 3D rendering, model viewing & data translation

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NuGraf One Year Core Maintenance is a comprehensive rendering and translation product for CAD/CAM and Digital Content applications.

When it comes to translation NuGrafsupports virtually every 3D file format and you will need no other tool to visualize 3D models and translate them to your format of choice. NuGraf can also import and export key-frame animations and convert them too!

And when it comes to rendering NuGrafoffers high quality ray-tracing at a very affordable price. If you need to create top quality rendering from CAD models like Pro/ENGINEER or SolidWorks, NuGrafis your tool of choice.

NuGrafincludes the plug-in for AutoDesk 3ds Max that makes dozens of additional 3D CAD, DCC, and VisSim file formats directly accessible from inside 3ds Max via the "Utility" roll-up panel.


Features and benefits

  • Reliable and accurate translation for large number of 3D formats.
  • Powerful and flexible 3D visualization.
  • Accurate photorealistic rendering.
  • Complete editing functions for rendering attributes.
  • Animation preview.
  • Optimized memory usage with large files.
  • Batch translation.
  • NuGrafincludes PolyTrans.

Suggested Add-ons

In order to extend the already large set of supported formats please consider the following add-on modules:
  • CAD-Pack adds support for numerous popular CAD formats.
  • Granite-Pack adds support for PTC Granite-based CAD file formats.
  • DCC-Pack adds support for Alias and Softimage file formats.
  • ACIS reader adds support for ACIS .sat file formats.
  • CATIA V4 reader adds support for CATIA V4 file formats.
  • CATIA V5 reader adds support for CATIA V5 file formats.

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