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nanoCAD Pro 11 - Subscription

nanoCAD Pro - Advanced version of nanoCAD Plus. Includes workstation license registration (node-locked), priority online technical support, and updates to new versions

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nanoCAD Pro 11  is based on nanoCAD Plus - full featured DWG CAD platform. All functionality of nanoCAD Plus is included by default into nanoCAD Pro 11 - drafting and design tools, a native DWG compatibility, an open API. nanoCAD Pro 11 adds to nanoCAD Plus functionality of parametric 3D solid modeling thanks to industry-proved 3D kernel and 2D constraints engine. .


Professional CAD Tool
nanoCAD is professional software with familiar interface, powerful drafting and design tools, native DWG compatibility, and open API.
Comfortable Models of Acquisition
It is all at your discretion, whether to issue a temporary subscription or buy a permanent license
Regular Updates
We constantly improve the software taking into account the opinions of users and the latest trends

What's New

  • Improved the usability and productivity of the nanoCAD Pro 3D solid modelling by implementing of C3D modelling kernel
  • Added new method of 3D solid object creation. In addition to Inventor-style Construction Tree model creation nanoCAD Pro 11 adds more traditional for DWG-based CAD 3D solids creation and editing tools
  • Implemented model exchange via Import/Export. The list of supported 3Dformats is greatly expanded. nanoCAD Pro 11 can exchange 3D models with most of engineering CAD and to export models to 3D printers and web-based model viewers
  • Developed and optimized numerous CAD functions, shared with nanoCAD Plus - working with OLE objects, Implemented the Digital Signatures feature, Changing Spaces, Internal Raster, DWF and DWFx Plotters and much more.


Dynamic Input
Dynamic Input provides a command line interface at your crosshair. It also provides for user entry to input like the length of a line or the radius of a circle. Dynamic input works while creating new or editing existing drawing objects thus greatly simplifies design process.
Tool Palettes
Tool palettes offer great opportunities for quick and easy access to your favorite commands and blocks. Your favorite sets of blocks, hatches, and scripts are just a click away now.
Customizable User Interface
nanoCAD Plus became more user-friendly. It is more comfortable to work with thanks to its ability to customize everything. You can create your own look and feel of the program. Also we added two more color settings which less affect your eyes on the long run.
Sheet Sets
Create your own sheet sets in a way any designer prefer. This is the usual representation of an engineering documentation. You can control of hundreds of drawings and views from different drawing files from the single source. And even more, nanoCAD Plus frees you from boring routine task with the auto numeration feature.
IFC Files Support
Due to IFC files underlay feature nanoCAD Plus can load BIM models from any other software capable to create IFC files. You can review model geometry and attributes. Special IFC explorer displays model tree and a list of attributes of selected object. You can dive deep into loaded BIM model to search for the data you need. Advanced nanoCAD Plus 3D navigation feature allows you to walk thru the model. Even more, it is possible to load IFC files generated by different software, e.g. architectural model from Revit, construction from Tekla, MEP data from MagiCAD and check how complex project looks like.
Multi-purpose Free Drafting Software
nanoCAD is an easy-to-use CAD application that delivers a great user experience by providing high performance, full capability, a classic interface and native .dwg format support. nanoCAD has been built to deliver design and project documentation for all industries. nanoCAD includes a full suite of basic and advanced tools, for creating industry-standard DWG-compatible CAD files. nanoCAD provides innovative, collaborative and customizable features to enhance your efficiency. nanoCAD includes several API's, allowing anything from routine task automation to complex CAD application development.
Industry-standard User Interface
nanoCAD implements a very efficient, and easy to learn, classic-style CAD user interface. It offers a command set and UI elements appearance that will be familiar and comfortable to users of many other compatible CAD applications. The drawing space, command line, and position of the menu items and icons on the toolbars are readily recognizable. Any person with AutoCAD experience will feel at home using nanoCAD, right from the start.
Clean and Native .dwg Support
nanoCAD uses the industry-standard DWG (.dwg) file format natively. Drawings created or edited in nanoCAD can be used by almost any other popular CAD system, without conversion or data loss. If you can't open a drawing from another system due to damage, or you want to audit an opened drawing for errors, or you need to reduce file size, nanoCAD provides Audit, Recover and Purge commands. Be assured you will not lose document data due to software or hardware failures thanks to nanoCAD's autosaving and backup functions.
Comprehensive Command Set
nanoCAD includes an extensive set of tools for creating and editing 2D/3D objects. There are often multiple drawing methods available for creating most of geometric elements. It's well-thought-out object editing commands allow you to modify drawings with minimal mouse clicks. Reusable blocks and references to external drawings simplify and speed up the drawing process. Advanced dimensioning features enable you to create any kind of dimensions by several means.
Powerful Table Editor
nanoCAD Pro 11 has a powerful Excel-style table editor, with an extensive extensive set of capabilities, including the ability to to create tables containing cells with embedded macros and forumlas.
ActiveX Automation and LISP
The nanoCAD scripting engine allows average users to automate everyday routine tasks. Users can write macros using Visual Basic Script, Java Script or any other scripting language supported by Microsoft Windows as well as built-in LISP.
C++/C# API
nanoCAD Pro 11 has several types of APIs for building CAD applications on top of its core functionality. NRX is a C++ and .NET API very similar to AutoCAD's ARX. It allows the translation of AutoCAD-based applications to nanoCAD with ease. It is an object-oriented, compact and robust programming interface. It is field proven, and has been used to create a large number of commercial CAD applications. nanoCAD also features the MultiCAD API for C++ and .NET, a revolutionary development tool to create binary compatible applications for different CAD platforms. Applications developed with the MultiCAD API will be able to run not just in nanoCAD, but also in other compatible CAD systems—including AutoCAD.
Extended Plotting
nanoCAD's plot settings dialog allow you to set multiple plot areas, and create multi-page plots. This can be especially useful for printing large drawings on printers with smaller output format. The Batch Plot command creates and prints drawing sets without requiring you to babysit the process. It is convenient when you need to print existing projects. It also supports outputting drawings to single or multi-sheet plot files.


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