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MicroScribe I Digitizer: Portable CMM Combining functionality with affordability.

MicroScribe I -- MUS Software IncludedThe MicroScribe I MUS Software Included is an all purpose 3D digitizer used for a wide range of modeling and data capturing applications. It comes in two models: 1) i has a reach of 25 inches 2) iL has a reach of 33 inches.
This portable CMM replaces the previous MicroScribe G with better accuracy and includes several new enhancements.
  • Infinite Wrist Rotation: Enhanced maneuverability of the stylus for easy one-hand use
  • Magnetic Base: Stability for precision homing
  • Fast Operation and Ease of Use: Set up takes as little as five minutes
  • Lightweight: Portable so you can take it anywhere
  • M-4 Threaded Stylus: Comes with two 3mm ruby ball probe tips and one point probe tip
  • Value: The right accuracy at the right price

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MicroScribe and Rhino 5
Solid Construction
Constructed with aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber, MicroScribe offers the convenience of a desktop solution while providing precison of an industrial instrument.
Save Money
An affordable portable CMM that increases your in-house productivity by avoiding the costly expense and long turnaround times associated with outsourcing.
Easy to Use
Smooth action of the stylus allows you to quickly trace over the contours of a physical object with ease to obtain quick 3D measurments.
Works with physical objects of any shape, size, and material, even reflective and transparent surfaces.
One Hand Operation
Click-and-go operation makes it simple to complete measurement jobs faster.
Lightweight and Portable
Moves easily from one project to the next with the digitizer weighing as little as 8.3 lbs (3.8 kg).

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This Product is Also Known As

  • MicroScribe I

  • MicroScribe I CMM

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MicroScribe I
MUS Software Included
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