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madCAM 3Xtra: Includes everything in madCAM 3X plus automatic remachining and more. For Rhino 6
madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra is the 3D CAM plug-in for Rhino 3D which gives the ability to perform both modeling and toolpath creation inside Rhino 3D. madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra is perfect for 3D CAM for CNC milling machines. All menus for controlling madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra and generated toolpaths are inside Rhinoceros and stored together with your model.
Developed for toolmaking (Mould And Die) as well as for prototype productions, madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra generates a non-collision toolpath with excellent cutting action. Where demand for accuracy and perfect surface smoothness is required, madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra is the 3D CAM plug-in of choice.
madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra is meant for the NC-operator who demands an easy-to-use and efficient system. It facilitates effective manufacturing in a short period of time. The operator is provided with clarified results of chosen parameters. madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra handles all 3D models that Rhinceros handles and is able to generate NC-codes to all kinds of 3-axis milling machines. A built-in post processor is adaptable for different kinds of controlling systems.

Key Features and Benefits

Removes all the unnecessary material from the workpiece in an effective way. madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra cuts the part in z-levels. The operator can choose a ramp angle to create a smooth approach of the cutter after every retract and traverse.
Gives the final surface finish of the part. madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra effectively calculates cuts for both planar and z-level finishing. The operator controls the limit with an angle for relatively horizontal and relatively vertical surfaces. The limit is calculated from the surface normal.
This method offers an opportunity to remove material that remains where the previous cutter could not reach due to size of cutter. madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra has strategies for removing material calculated from the true stock model, inside boundary curves and with surface dual contact (pencil trace).
Curve Milling
This includes methods for machining from curves. The curve milling offers opportunities for Engraving and strategies for toolpath projection inside boundary curves and between two curves.
2 1/2 D Machining
This includes methods for machining from curves or surface edge curves. Profiling, Pocketing, Facing and Drilling.
Open TableCompare madCAM Versions
2 1/2 axis Milling
3 axis Milling
Z-level Pocketing
Z-level Facing
Parallel Roughing
Z-level finishing (Water line finishing)
Planar finishing
Planar contour finishing
Pencil Tracing
Surface angle limit control (Steep or flat surface machining)
Along Curves (Engraving)
Project curves (Engraving)
Between two curves
From boundary curves
Roughing from 3D Stock Model
Z-level remachining
Planar remachining
Contour remachining
4 axis Milling
Indexed 3 + 1-axis (Including all madCAM toolpath functions)
imultaneous 4-axis Profiling
Simultaneous 4-axis Pocketing
Simultaneous 4-axis Facing
Simultaneous 4-axis Radial-level Pocketing
Simultaneous 4-axis Radial-level Facing
Simultaneous 4-axis Parallel Roughing
Simultaneous 4-axis Radial-level finishing
Simultaneous 4-axis Planar finishing
Simultaneous 4-axis Planar contour finishing
Simultaneous 4-axis Spiral finishing
Simultaneous 4-axis Pencil Tracing
Surface angle limit control (Steep or flat surface machining)
Simultaneous 4-axis Along Curves (Engraving)
Simultaneous 4-axis Project curves (Engraving)
Simultaneous 4-axis Between two curves
Simultaneous 4-axis From boundary curves
Simultaneous 4-axis Roughing from 3D Stock Model
Simultaneous 4-axis Radial-level remachining
Simultaneous 4-axis Planar remachining
Simultaneous 4-axis Contour remachining
Simultaneous 4-axis V-carving
5 axis Milling
Indexed 3 + 2 axis (Including all madCAM toolpath functions)
Simultaneous 5 axis from axis of revolution (Including all madCAM toolpath functions except re-roughing)
Simultaneous 5-axis Drive Surface Offset-level Pocketing
Simultaneous 5-axis Drive Surface Offset-level Facing
Simultaneous 5-axis Drive Surface U-V Roughing
Simultaneous 5-axis Drive Surface Offset-level finishing
Simultaneous 5-axis Drive Surface U-V finishing
Simultaneous 5-axis Drive Surface border contour finishing
Simultaneous 5-axis Closed Drive Surface spiral finishing
Simultaneous 5-axis Drive Surface Pencil Tracing
Simultaneous 5-axis Drive Surface angle limit control
Simultaneous 5-axis SWARF Profiling from surface edge curves
Simultaneous 5-axis Profiling perpendicular to surface
Simultaneous 5-axis Part trimming from curves and vectors
Regions and Boundaries
Box work piece
Region Curves
Tool path Clipping planes
User defined 3D stock models (Except simultaneous 5-axis drive surface)
Drive Surface calculation height and depth option
Regions from drive surface borders (trim curves)
Drive Surface tool path clipping levels option.
Simultaneous 5-axis vertical angle limit option
Toolpath editing
Transform and copy as ordinary Rhino curves
3-axis Material removal simulation
3-axis Tool holder collision simulation
4 axis machine parts simulation
5-axis machine parts simulation
Custom machine
4-axis machine setup
5-axis machine setup
Custom STL files support for machine parts simulation
External DLL support for machine kinematics
Custom machine
Customizable post processors
4-axis output
5-axis output
5-axis APT output

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of madCAM 6.0 Level 3Xtra requires :
Rhino 5.0 for WinRhino 5 is still available for your convenience. Be aware that Rhino 6 has been releasedThis item cannot be purchased separately.
Rhino 6 for Windows and MacRhino 3D with Grasshopper: The most powerful NURBS 3D CAD Industrial Design and modeling tool with full support from McNeel. Rhino 6.0 license now comes with Grasshopper included995795Add to Cart

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