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NVIDIA mental ray for Maya

Plug-in rendering solution, seamlessly integrated into Autodesk Maya.

NVIDIA mental ray for Maya -- One Seat (Price Tier 50-499 seats) -- 1-Year SubscriptionThe industry standard renderer you have counted upon for years is now available directly from those creating it. with NVIDIA mental ray for Maya One Seat (Price Tier 50-499 seats), Maya artists now receive interactive viewport rendering and easy-to-use global illumination with substantial GPU-acceleration, in addition to all previous functionality and compatibility.
NVIDIA mental ray for Maya Full Production enables sequence rendering within Maya and production rendering on the network or in batch on any machine.


Interactive Global Illumination
  • Intuitive global illumination engine (GI-Next) requiring minimal setup or tuning
  • 2-4X faster than earlier GI methods of similar quality and up to 10-20x faster with a single GPU
  • Ideal for interactive lighting workflows within the Maya viewport
  • Fast and easy to use Image Based Lighting and procedural environments like Sun&Sky
  • Light Important Sampling enables a large number of lights without sacrificing performance
  • Multiple Importance Sampling speeds up physically-based setups with MDL materials
  • Much faster rendering of modern lighting setups with area lights and emissive materials
Visual Effects
  • Supports all Maya geometry types with controllable tessellation quality
  • Fast motion blur and depth-of-field camera effects with Unified Sampling
  • Render massive amounts of hair, fluids, and particles, like Bifrost liquids and foam
  • Memory-efficient procedural instancing of myriads of elements at render time for massive scenes and crowds with XGen
  • Realistic rendering of human hair styles and animal fur with XGen and Maya Hair/Fur
  • Photon Mapping for efficient and sharp caustics
  • High quality displacement mapping including vector displacement
  • Cel shading and contour rendering for cartoon and anime productions
Materials and Shaders
  • Use custom C-shaders or load and use arbitrary MDL definitions and materials
  • Intuitive and unique layering workflow with layering shaders (MILA)
  • Flexible render pass system built into layering shaders (MILA)
  • Extreme extensibility through custom shaders for programmable effects
  • Efficient handling of large resolution file textures by loading on demand only
  • Procedural textures for resolution independent effects and 3D color or density maps
  • Volumetric and scattering materials for real-world skin rendering and atmospheric effects like clouds or dust
  • Fully supports all established Maya workflows
  • Interactive look develop and lighting directly in the Maya Viewport or IPR
  • Continuous visual feedback with progressive rendering of final results during scene interactions
  • Light baking with Maya Batch bake to both texture and vertices
  • Full animation support of geometry, material, and light parameters
  • Swatch rendering and real-time material preview for mental ray custom shaders and phenomena
  • Supports production techniques like Alembic geometry caches, UV tiling, and deep data
  • Complete color management and HDR pipeline from texture input to image output
Production Rendering
  • Efficient Maya Batch rendering for final frame animations on any machine
  • Background rendering of quick batch jobs on the same machine
  • Efficient distributed rendering on render farms with mental ray Standalone
  • Pipeline rendering control with .mi files and mental ray Standalone

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of NVIDIA mental ray for Maya — One Seat (Price Tier 50-499 seats) — 1-Year Subscription requires :
Maya 2017Begin your journey into the world of 3D graphics and animation 8897
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