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Trapcode Form

Trapcode Form: 3D Particle Grids and Objects

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Trapcode Form enables you to create immortal particle grids and 3D object. Form particles live forever, giving you precise control over their behavior. With Trapcode Form, you can create a grid of particles that can be used for organic, flowing effects and allows you to load 3D models or animated 3D sequences in the OBJ format. 

Features & Benefits

Dissolve Text and Logos
Trapcode Form makes it easy to dissolve your text and logos like sand blowing away in the wind.
Audio Reaction
Form's particles can react to the audio in your After Effects composition. They can be set up to change size, position, and opacity in response to any audio source in your comp.
3D Camera and Ligths
Form uses After Effects' 3D Camera and Lights so you can fully integrate your particle Effects with your motion graphics and live-action VFX shots.
Natural Shading
The new Shadowlet rendering lets particles cast shadows onto other particles. Combined with dynamic light falloff support for After Effects lights, your particles and composites look better than ever.
Color Map Controls
Get more control over the color, size and opacity of particles. The new graphing system lets you draw curves and adjust points easily. Draw from scratch, or start with presets and adjust. Color Maps show you how opacity and color work together for the final result.

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