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MatPak for MODO ‑ Interiors III
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The Foundry Visionmongers LtdThe Foundry Visionmongers LtdMatPak for MODO - Interiors IIIMatPak for MODO - Interiors IIIPlug-in for MODO 901 and laterBID-61-1371549.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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MatPak for MODO - Interiors III

MatPak for MODO - Interiors III

Plug-in for MODO 901 and later

The MatPak material presets for MODO deliver premium, high-quality surfaces as royalty-free materials for use in your MODO scenes. The MatPak for MODO - Interiors III collection was created exclusively for The Foundry by star community member, and ArchViz professional, Tomáš Sciskala (aka Mytrixx). The first collection in the series provides over 100 categorized surfaces delivered in the easy-to-use MODO 'Preset' format for a variety of interior surfaces including realistic carpets, flooring and wall textures. Delivered at up to 8K resolution, all materials are tiling-optimized for use in architectural visualization, product visualization and illustration, anywhere that realistic surfaces are required.
Each surface is hand created from ultra high-quality source image maps. Each material has multiple blended layers of matching specular, roughness, displacement and bump maps (where appropriate). Many surfaces leverage MODO's procedural layers to add detail and eliminate potential repetition introduced by tiling large surfaces. The presets also offer insights into how an expert would construct highly-realistic surfaces. The MatPak for MODO - Interiors III series of material presets will significantly speed up your workflow and get you on your way to creating beautiful assets faster than ever before.
Surface type categories
  • 11 Carpets
  • 6 Glass
  • 13 Ceramic Tile Floors
  • 8 Wood Floors
  • 6 Kitchen Counters
  • 6 Procedural Tiles
  • 16 Wall Textures
  • 9 Ceramic Tile Walls
  • 19 Wood
  • 6 Miscellaneous
What is included with the product?
  • 103 MODO photorealistic interior material Presets
  • high-resolution EXR texture maps
  • Installer
Experience level
All levels, complete beginners to advanced experts.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of MatPak for MODO - Interiors III requires MODO 901 and/or
The Foundry
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