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3ds Max 2020 Reviews and Pricing

3ds Max 2020 has been reviewed by 36 users, with an average rating of 4.0 stars. All our custmer reviews are written by authentic users of the product. We publish all honest and fair product reviews, regardless of the rating.
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Great Product
Robert Flagg July 18, 2012
I'm a 3D Graphic/Scenic Designer, and i work on huge auditoriums and interiors all day long so having a program with seamless workflow is a must, and 3DS Max does just that. It has a great selection of build in material libraries, and the ability to customize your workspace makes your work that must faster. This program comes highly recommended from me.
Great Program, Fast shipping
Brian Caldwell March 7, 2010
Great 3d modeling/ animation program. The subscription has a lot of helpful tools and tutorials.
Reginald Therrien July 7, 2009
Once I finally did received the package I found it GREAT!
3DSMAX 2010 test
Paul Person April 23, 2009
The new modeling tools are very helpful, and there is à good viewport enhancement, we can now display with soft shadows and ambiant occlusion.
It seem to be à little slow than the previous version, but anyway, I love it.
I haven't tested it too far, but this is a great release for 3DSMAX users.
Shashank Singh March 26, 2008
I am enjoying this software and i just want to tell another persons please work with this software
Great program easy to use!
John Doe August 20, 2007
This is a great program that is easy to use and get use to, it is a expensive program but worth it if you are going to go in to small business or even longterm graphic design, overall = 5
Wonderfull program
Ergun Elcin May 29, 2007
But I have problem with 3ds Max on 2D. Modeling is very well, but drawing is too hard. So my wish is to improve the drawing version in max. Please this is too important.

Fantastic tool
Marcin Mrozowski January 3, 2007
In my opinion this is really a fantastic tool to create exceptional 3D shapes, to animate and render them. I love it!
With lowe from an adikted
John Lago December 29, 2006
I newer got the program going don´t know wot happend but i am so lukky and satisfiede with the 3ds Max8 that i am getting to the point that i belive you can not make it better onley cheper
Yours sincerley.
John Lago
Muy bueno!
Gonaldi Claudia December 7, 2006
Me encanto trabajar con 3ds Max 9 me fue mas facil y rapido
Great package overall
Ridha Kamil November 15, 2006
I love it. I'm thinking about getting it, however it might take me some time since it's more than hree thousand dollars. I intend to sell my models so I need the full version. Is there an alternative option to get it cheaper for a freelance modeller like me? I'm in WA, 98275
3ds max is Great!
Anonymous November 8, 2006
I recomend it to anyone interested in animation.
It is top of the line
The Bomb
Lochlan Bunn July 29, 2006
if your modding games with extra players this is the program to use it has a wide variety of exports to use and aquire, I also use it for modeling cars, making short animations, moding character meshes in games and I use it for school work as well, so it is the best and you should use it.
I love it
Rafael Manuel Cota Delgado July 9, 2006
This product is incredible. I really enjoy using 3ds Max. Recommended only if you have a PC with a lot of memory, a great graphic card and the latest CPU.
The best
Anonymous June 22, 2006
3ds Max is the best 3D modeling and animation program I've ever used. I'm using 3ds Max on a Windows computer and I can't wait for the cominh 64 bits version. Strongly recommended.
This is very good
Elbaher Sarhan June 14, 2006
It's lovely! I like this program very much. In my opinion is one of the best modeling and animation programs.
Great software
Juancarlos Montiel June 7, 2006
Great software, more easy to use than Maya... and incredible results.

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