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The ultimate resource for engineers to complete project after project

PTC RoarkPTC Roark's Worksheet Library - 6th Edition for PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 is the ultimate resource for engineers to complete project after project. This worksheet library addresses topics including:
  • Column buckling and elastic stability
  • Stress, force and deflection calculations for beams
  • Combined stress formulas
  • Curved beam cross-section properties
  • Moments of inertia
  • Torsional loading
  • Beam analysis for a varying section
  • Stresses and deflection of flat plates
  • Discontinuity analysis results at the junction of shells and plates
  • Natural frequencies of plates
  • Bending and membrane stresses of thinwalled pressure vessels
  • Radial displacements
  • Buckling of shells
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