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CONSELF Cloud Simulation Enterprise 1550 Credits allows the user to take full advantage of one of the most powerful engineering tools with relevant advantages. CONSELF Cloud Simulation Enterprise is focused on one main goal: set up a state-of-the-art simulation in the easiest possible way. Its intuitive wizard guides the user through five clear steps, from geometry uploading to results analysis.

Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD

Laminar and turbulent regimes
Use the appropriate model depending on your flow Reynolds number. Choose between laminar or multiple turbulence models to meet very high accuracy standards.
Steady and transient simulations
Estimate your flow behavior for the stationary equilibrium configuration or simulate the physical quantities evolution in time-dependent phenomena.
Incompressible and compressible fluids
The web application gives access to solvers for handling both incompressible and compressible fluids, depending on the Mach number of your specific case.
Multi-phase flows
Using the Volume of Fluid method (VOF) this solver allows to simulate more than one phase (Water-air, water-air, etc).
Passive scalar transport and heat transfer
Non-reacting contaminant species diffusion or temperature evolution in forced convection are well represented by passive scalar transport model. Gain access to latest technology for assessment of HVAC or heat exchange systems.
Advanced features
Many additional advanced models are available: flows with solid dispersed particles with optional erosion estimation, porous media, rigid body movement coupled with flow evolution are just few examples.

Finite Element Analysis – FEA

Linear static analysis
Evaluate material resistance and shape deformation for components undergoing static loads. Choose among pressure acting normally to the surface or forces along a prescribed direction as well as the correct fixing constrain.
Non-linear and dynamic analysis
The platform allows to take into account real world physics implying non-linearity and time-dependent solutions. You can simulate material plastic behavior as well as dynamic loads and component inertia.
Modal analysis and natural frequencies
Estimate components natural frequencies and calculate modal displacements, useful to assess their behavior in context such as vibrations and acoustic.

sCAD Pre-processing and Meshing

CAD upload or import
Upload the CAD model from your local drive or import it directly from Onshape, the full-Cloud CAD. The platform supports STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ and IFC (Building Information Module) geometry files, with more file types upon request.
Pre-processing and boundaries
Easy interaction with the geometry using straightforward operations in the graphical window and definition of boundaries that will be used during mesh and simulation steps.
Hexahedral meshing
The hexahedral meshing algorithm allows you to create very regular grids for CFD simulations. Produce very good meshes even when dealing with problematic geometries.
Tetrahedral meshing
With the tetrahedral meshing algorithm, create computational grids for both FEA and CFD simulations.
Automation, refinement and boundary layer
The meshing procedure is highly automated, allowing a very straightforward grid creation, and highly customizable, giving you the possibility to prescribe different refinements on different regions as well as activating the boundary feature where you need it for both tetrahedral and hexahedral algorithms.

Results Post-processing

Online visualization
Once your simulation is completed, you can take a look at the results and perform many operation on the solution file right into the platform, with no need to download a single byte. All major filters are available: slice, contour, isovolume, streamlines and many more.
Download Paraview solution file
You can also always download your solution file and elaborate it locally with Paraview, one of the best software for scientific data analysis that is 100% free.

HPC on the Cloud

All in a browser
An internet connection and a common web browser is all you need in order to use the simulation platform. Even from a tablet you are able to effectively run state of the art simulations within minutes.
Unlimited computing power on-demand
You can leverage a flexible infrastructure able to provide you with all the computing power you need, just when you need it.
Run your analyses all at the same time in parallel. There is no limit on the number of simulations you can launch. For big cases, the parallel computing capability allows you to speed up execution time, obtaining results quickly as never before.
Embedded support
The cloud environment allows Conself to provide the best support possible: in case of technical problems or if you just have a doubt about your analysis, they can assist you step by step right in your work space.

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