ReCap PRO 2019

ReCap PRO 2019 -- Multi-user Subscription -- 1-Year Term

Reality capture and 3D scanning software

ReCap PRO 2019 Multi-user Subscription offers software services for 3D projects, seamlessly bridging the gap between laser scans or UAV photos and the broader Autodesk design portfolio.


Laser scanning
  • Import scans in various formats - Supports all text-based and 3D laser scan data.
  • Real Views - Smart, photorealistic 2.5D panoramic scans.
  • Point cloud viewing and editing - Clean and organize point clouds with simple tools.
  • Clean and organize point clouds with simple tools.
  • Automatic registration - Save time with targetless automatic registration.
  • Accuracy reports and survey control - Improve accuracy in quality assessments.
  • Target-based registration refinement/rollback - Refine accuracy in low-feature environments.
  • Photorealistic data visualization - Visual fidelity for 3D and panoramic scans.
  • Alignment of point clouds - Merge scans with photo-based data.
  • Real View states - Save different edit or view states of projects.
  • Video tool - Turn view states into presentations.
  • Advanced measurement tools - Snap to objects to measure more easily.
  • Markup and tagging - Documentation features enable collaboration.
  • Search and sync - Quickly search and sync markup and tags.
  • Access to cleanup service (NEW) - Easily remove noise from scanned data.
  • Access to scan-to-mesh service (NEW) - Convert point clouds into 3D textured mesh.
  • Batch project creation from input files (NEW) - Automatically export scan data into RCS format.
  • Export in various formats - Export point clouds in RCP/RCS, E57, PTS, and PCG.
Fly in ReCap 360 Pro
  • Import rectilinear photos - Create assets from rectilinear lenses.
  • Import GoPro images - Supports GoPro 3+ and 4 black editions.
  • Support for GPS tags in EXIFs - Automatically scale and geolocate scenes.
  • Import ground control points - Supports all common coordinate systems.
  • Automatic photo-to-mesh in RCM, OBJ, FBX formats - Supports RCM, OBJ, and FBX 3D formats.
  • Automatic orthographic creation - Export views and maps into GEO TIFF.
  • Automatic point cloud creation - Export models as 3D point clouds in RCS format.
  • Manually add or stitch images - Manually stitch images in 3D mesh reconstruction.
  • Preview 3D meshes - Preview the 3D models on the web.
  • Parallel capabilities - Run multiple projects at the same time.
Sharing and collaboration
  • A360 sharing and collaboration - Collaborate and share ReCap data.
  • Markup, sync, and search - Prepare projects directly from the cloud.

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ReCap PRO 2019
Multi‑user Subscription
1‑Year Term
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