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Xenon 11 + Graphite 12

Drafting, 3D modeling power and finesse without constraints. For Windows and Mac

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Xenon 11 + Graphite 12is especially developed for creative professionals producing designs with a high degree of artistic value, customization, and complex shapes. Xenon 11 + Graphite 12's complete set of tools provides integrated 2D/3D sketching, concept development, design visualization, photo-realistic rendering, and precision engineering drawings. Unique, hybrid solid and surface modeling lets you work any way you choose, with the speed, power and flexibility to get the job done. Associativity and history-based modeling make design changes a non-issue. The unique Ashlar-Vellum interface is so intuitive it works the way you think. In short, Xenon 11 + Graphite 12is the fastest path from concept to manufacturing without out missing any steps in between.

Xenon 11 + Graphite 12 includes a courtesy license to Graphite for easy management of your legacy Vellum files.


Features and benefits

  • Up to 25% faster on zooms, pans and selects—the things you do most
  • Support for the latest operating systems including Mac 10.14 Mojave and Windows 10
  • Support for the latest DXF/DWG up to AutoCAD 2019
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and feature enhancements
  • Revolutionary Vellum Drafting Assistant facilitates intelligent snaps and automatic alignments in X, Y and Z.
  • Advanced 2D and 3D equation-driven parametrics promote design variations.
  • Preview symbol panel lets you intelligently place symbols in space.
  • Multiple dynamic views keep your design changes up to date.
  • Smart wall tool intuitively interacts with architectural symbols to speed sketching.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mixed Qualities

I've used Ashlar products for many years now. They have always been known for their intuitive interface. Unfortunately they have also been unstable and slow to upgrade. Xenon is easy to use for simple modeling. It is also easy to generate nice limited subject renderings. However I have always been challenged with creating more complex geometries. The ACIS based model is not friendly to the Nurbs surfacing and protyping world I interface with. The modeling does not do well with larger scenes. The shadows quickly become aliased (jaggy). I will not be renewing my license. There are too many other programs that appear to offer greater capabilities and value.

Excellent 3D modeling flexibility

Xenon offers very high design flexibility at a competitive price. The history tree allows for easy changes to the design at virtually any stage of completion. The rendering capabilities are good allowing for top quality presentation images to be made within the package. It features a wide array of import and export functions to provide compatibility with other CAD software. A wide array of 2D sheet tools are provided. Prints, however are this programs weakness. While it excells in the 3D world, its 2D prints could use some improvement. They are functional, but not as good as some of the other packages on the market.
Overall it is a very good package, and for 3D modeling, design exploration, plus moving to production in 3D it is excellent.