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V-Ray Next for NUKE's approach to lighting and compositing integrates production-quality ray traced rendering into NUKE and NUKEX. V-Ray's industry standard ray traced renderer inside NUKE's industry standard compositing package gives artists the best of both worlds.

What's New

GPU Rendering
You can now take advantage of faster multi-GPU performance on workstations, plus added support for Cryptomatte render elements.
V-Ray Scene Assets
Extract and reuse individual objects from a V-Ray vrscene file. If you need more control, you can define a set of objects to generate a reusable and customizable VRayScene asset.

Key Features

• Powerful Ray Traced Rendering
• Node-Based Integration
• Accurate Lighting
• Global Illumination
• Physically-Based Materials
• Production-Ready Textures
• Cameras
• VR Cameras
• Geometry
• Proxy Objects
• Instancing With Particles
• V-Ray Volume Grid
• Deep rendering
• Render Elements
• Full Light Select Render Element
• Cryptomatte
• V-Ray Scene Node
• V-Ray Translator Node
• V-Ray denoiser
• Progressive rendering
• New hair workflows

• CryptoMatte

• Full Light Select

Why should compositors and studios use V-Ray Next for NUKE?

  • Expands the 3d capabilities of NUKE, so compositors can light, render, and composite in one application
  • Gives compositors better control over lighting, materials, render passes, and final shot output
  • Lets compositors create any render element (render pass, matte, etc.) they need on the fly
  • Allows compositors to adjust and match 2d and 3d elements simultaneously
  • Gives compositors more creative freedom and artistic control
  • Offers a familiar node-based workflow, making it easier to adopt
  • Saves time and eliminates the back and forth between NUKE and 3d applications
  • Maximizes project timelines by allowing compositors to make necessary changes up until final delivery
  • Allows for a more collaborative, non-linear workflow between 3d and compositing teams
  • Helps teams review, change, and final shots faster



    Support & Maintenance

    A V-Ray Next for NUKE major version has active SOFTWARE SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE from its release date to the following next major release date. During the SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE stage Chaos Group will:

    • Release minor updates including patches, bug fixes, service packs, enhancements, new minor features, and platform compatibility updates.
    • Provide support and technical assistance to clients.
    • Provide software builds for download.

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