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Cyborg3D CAD2Print

Cyborg3D CAD2Print: Improves your STL files to produce better 3D prints

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Cyborg3D CAD2Print import translators and tessellation engine are derivatives of software used in nPower's popular Power Translators plug-ins for 3DS Max, Maya, and MODO. This proven technology has been in production software since 2002 and has helped these graphics products to address the product visualization market.

Cyborg3D CAD2Print is a valuable tool to aid in the printing of models produced by CAD systems. The STL files produced by CAD systems sometimes are not of good quality. CAD tessellation engines are optimized for graphics display not 3D printing. The Cyborg3D CAD2Print tessellation engine allows you to control chord height, angular deviation and maximum polygon edge length. The pre-visualization mode allows you to see exactly what you will get prior to exporting the final STL file for printing.


  • Create quality STL files CAD models
  • Precisely control and visualize STL
  • Import polygonal models from Turbosquid or other polygonal model sites into your CAD software package
  • Make repairs to existing STL files



Supported Workflows

  • Export a standard precise format from the CAD system (STEP, IGES, SAT) and utilize Cyborg3D CAD2Print turn that into a high quality STL file for printing.
  • Export a STL file from the CAD system and use the polygon editing tools in CAD2Print to cleanup the STL file.


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