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Revit LT 2020 - Subscription

3D BIM Tools for Architecture

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Revit LT 2020  is an intuitive, cost-effective solution for building professionals in small businesses looking to transition to BIM and create and manage building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically, and with less environmental impact.


3D design and visualization
Generate 3D orthographic or perspective views from any angle of the model-based environment to visualize the space throughout the design process. Create exploded axons and 3D details more quickly and easily. Use the walk-through tool to create animations based on a camera moving along a path. This helps you visualize the building virtually, improve your understanding of the building and its spaces, and communicate design ideas to clients more effectively.
A single, coordinated model
Improve your workflow by concurrently designing and documenting building projects using BIM. A single, coordinated database stores all design information, enabling you to generate every schedule, drawing sheet, and 2D and 3D view directly from the model. Revisions to your design are automatically updated throughout every view and all supporting documentation, minimizing errors and omissions.
High-quality documentation
Improve documentation with a coordinated model that automatically manages revisions to your building model throughout the design process. Construction documents derived from the model are higher quality, helping reduce the costs of changes and manual coordination. You can invest more time in designing, knowing that your documentation is coordinated and up to date.
Auto-generated schedules
Automatically create building component schedules to drive data and improve the visibility of costs and quantities. Since schedules are generated directly from the model, they are up to date and provide a comprehensive view of the Revit LT 2020 model. Changes to a schedule view are automatically reflected in all other model views, such as plans, sections, and elevations.
Help verify material quantities
Material takeoff helps verify material quantities for cost estimates and can make it easier to track quantities. Add a schedule that provides details such as what materials a project component will use.
Fluid design file exchange with Revit users
Swap files with users of any Revit product. You can work with project team members using other Revit files in a BIM process.
Photorealistic rendering in the cloud
Use real-world materials with Autodesk cloud services. When you subscribe to Autodesk, you can use Rendering in Autodesk A360 (with select Autodesk products) to create photorealistic images and panoramas from any computer. From the online render gallery, you can access multiple versions of your renderings, render images as panoramas, change rendering quality, and apply background environments to rendered scenes.
Content for architects
Ready-to-use content includes office cubicles, furniture, residential and commercial windows, and an appliance library. It is especially helpful for new users and Revit LT subscribers wanting to get started fast.
Move to BIM at your own pace
Use familiar tools in AutoCAD LT (available in Revit LT Suite) to help ease the transition to BIM. As you work on the building model, Revit LT collects information about the building project and coordinates this information across all other representations of the project. The Revit parametric change engine automatically coordinates changes made anywhere - in model views, drawing sheets, schedules, sections, and plans.
Autodesk Drive
Securely store, preview, and share your 2D and 3D design data using data storage designed for individuals and small teams. Drive supports 60+ types of Autodesk and 3rd party files for viewing, and for select file types, you can make edits to your designs and Drive will manage references automatically. Unlike generic cloud storage, Drive lets your collaborators on CAD, CAM, and BIM projects view models and drawings right in their browser, no plug-ins or downloads needed.

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