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The Particle System for Designers

INSYDIUM X-Particles is a robust particle system for CINEMA 4D that is made for designers. Unlike other particle systems for CINEMA 4D, X-Particles doesn't require that you know Xpresso or know any complicated programming. Like CINEMA 4D itself, X-Particles is a particle system that does a lot, but makes it easy and fun to play with and make beautiful effects. In the same way Mograph revolutionized animation in CINEMA 4D, X-Particles does the same for particle systems. In fact, if you are familiar with Mograph, you will be right at home in X-Particles. But now, you aren't limited by how many objects you have on screen. Animate and control MILLIONS of objects with INSYDIUM X-Particles.

What's new in this version

  • Sound Modifier - Drive Your Particles with sound! This one is super fun to use.
  • Illumination Based Emissions - Use C4D lights to trigger particle emissions from surfaces.
  • Data Mapping - Easily Map Modifier Data onto other particle settings.
  • Trail Deformer - Easily Animate Particle Trails.
  • Particles Falloff - Now you can use particles as single Falloff Objects.


Tons Of Particles
Emit millions of particles without bogging down your viewport. Take control of your particles with modifiers. Similar to Mograph Effectors, modifiers allow you to control your particles an almost any way imaginable. Add rules and questions to your particles to give each particle a brain. Maybe you want something to happen over time, or when a particle hits a surface. INSYDIUM X-Particles gives you control over almost everything imaginable. It may sound daunting to try and manage a particle system, but with INSYDIUM X-Particles, it just requires a few clicks.
Fluid Effects
Version 3 added a ton of new liquid effects including a new FLIP solver for more realistic and faster fluid simulations. All this means faster liquid looks with less time. Skin your fluid sim and get water effects or any viscous liquid.
Compatibility with Existing CINEMA 4D Modules
INSYDIUM X-Particles is compatible with the existing particle modifiers. It can be used with object deformers and Mograph effectors, and works with the dynamics system in R13 or later. If you don't have a version of Cinema with dynamics, it contains its own basic collision system for handling collisions with scene objects. Splines generated by the Trail object can be rendered with the Hair renderer. INSYDIUM X-Particles can also emit Thinking Particles and particles can then be rendered with Pyrocluster or with the C4D Hair renderer.
Includes 30 Free Scene Files
Get exclusive scene files for INSYDIUM X-Particles with your purchase. We have 30 custom made scene files for you to render and use to learn how to set up your INSYDIUM X-Particles scenes. Get these 30 scenes right away after purchase. And, get more free scene files as we learn more about what INSYDIUM X-Particles can do. This is something we have never done before. But now, you can get our tutorial and demo scene files for INSYDIUM X-Particles included in a purchase of X-Particles Pro.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of INSYDIUM X-Particles requires :
Cinema 4D Broadcast R20Cinema 4D Broadcast: The Industry Standard for Broadcast Professionals. Everything you need to create dynamic broadcast 3D graphics quickly and easily.1,6951,61025Add to Cart
Cinema 4D Prime R20Cinema 4D Prime: The ideal choice for all graphic designers looking to add advanced 3D graphics to their toolset.99594525Add to Cart
Cinema 4D Studio R20Cinema 4D Studio: The fastest and easiest-to-use advanced 3D animation solution. Includes all Prime, Broadcast, and Visualize features!3,6953,51025Add to Cart
Cinema 4D Visualize R20Cinema 4D Visualize: Everything you need to create dynamic broadcast 3D graphics quickly and easily.2,2952,18025Add to Cart

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