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Trapcode Particular

Trapcode Particular: Create in Adobe After Effects organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics elements and more

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Trapcode Particulargoes way beyond the basics, with realistic natural effects, lighting control for shaded particles, 3D camera integration, custom shapes, depth of field, and physics controls such as air resistance, gravity and turbulence.

Trapcode Particularcan render up to 30 Million particles (previously 20 Million), giving you more power, flexibility and particle awesomeness than ever before.


Effects Builder
Creating Particle Effects is easier than ever before. Add adjustable blocks with preset behaviours and styles for emitters, particles, physics and aux particles, or add complete, customizable particle effects with a single click. The effects builder gives instant visual feedback, making the building and previewing of effects an intuitive and creative experience.
3D Camera and Ligths
Trapcode Particularuses After Effects' 3D Camera and Lights so you can fully integrate your particle Effects with your motion graphics and live- action VFX shots.
180+ Presets
Trapcode Particular includes over 130 new Effects Builder presets, giving you over 180 fully-customizable presets for creating fire, spaceflight, fireworks, muzzle flashes, explosions, smoke and more.
Sprites & Polygons
Custom particles allow the use of layers as 2D sprites and as Textured Polygons. Trapcode Particular includes over a hundred still and animated sprite images, easily loaded through the new Effects Builder.
Get more control over the size and opacity of particles over life. The new graphing system lets you draw curves and adjust points easily. Draw from scratch, or start with presets and adjust.
Explode Behaviour
The new explode behaviour automates the process of creating explosion effects by removing the need to set keyframes.
Ligthing & Shadows
Shade all particle types from up to 128 lights in After Effects. Shading can emulate light falloff, and Shadowlet rendering can cast shadows on both main and aux particles.
Using Trapcode Particular's physics engine, particles can move organically through the air or bounce off of other layers. Includes wind, gravity and turbulence controls (and more) for simulating complex, realistic motion.
Aux Particles
In Trapcode Particular's Aux system, particles can spawn new child particles, creating organic trails and branching.
Reflections Maps
Textured Polygon particles can use a layer as a reflection map to add dynamic color changes to particles as they rotate in 3D, ideal for adding glints to rotating particles.
Square & Cirle Brush
Two new Particle types has been added, giving you the ability to create procedurally generated square and circle shaped particles.
Aspect Ratio
Change the aspect ratio of your particles, giving you the ability to stretch or compress the shape or sprite image. Quickly turn spheres into ovals, squares into rectangles, and much more.


Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Trapcode Particular requires:

After Effects Creative Cloud
Create incredible motion graphics and visual effects.

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