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Vectorworks Fundamentals 2019
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Vectorworks Fundamentals 2019 -- student2PRO Version

Students must have graduated within the past year. Proof of graduation (either the transcript or a photo copy of the degree) needed. Cannot be purchased by a professional for their use. License will be registered in their name.

Student2PRO Academic Requirements

A graduate who purchases Vectorworks software through the student2PRO program must sign a Policy Agreement form that outlines the special guidelines and terms of this software purchase. The graduate is also required to provide school-supplied proof of graduation, which lists course study/degree and graduation date. The below requirements are outlined in the Policy Agreement:
  • Graduate of a designed-based curriculum or program at a post-secondary school within the past 12 months.
  • Official school-supplied proof of graduation including graduation date.
  • Only one Vectorworks professional license may be purchased through student2PRO.
  • All sales through student2PRO are final; licenses purchased through this program cannot be refunded or transferred to another owner.
  • Where Vectorworks Service Select is available, it may be purchased along with a software license. If purchased, the standard Vectorworks Service Select contract must be signed.
  • Professional software purchased through student2PRO can be upgraded to new software versions through standard upgrade processes.
  • We can convert up to 10 of your student project files to professional format if requested within 60 days of purchase.
Any graduate in the past 12 months of a design-based curriculum/program from an accredited university qualifies to purchase (1) software license under the student2PRO program.
  • A qualifying graduate may purchase (1) professional Vectorworks software license for any product in the Vectorworks product line, with or without Renderworks, at a 40% discount. They will also qualify for Vectorworks Service Select at a 40% discount.
After the purchase you will receive this Policy Agreement to sign.

Product Description

Vectorworks Fundamentals 2019 student2PRO Version is Vectorworks basic CAD software package, offering superior 2D and 3D capabilities and an intuitive, easy-to-use modeling and documentation platform. The solution works the way designers think, enabling them the freedom of artistic expression through the development and documentation of each project. There's so much to explore.

New in This Version

Simplify Your Workflows

Efficiency and productivity are critical, and you need the right tools to help you achieve your goals, on time and on budget. Enhancements in Vectorworks 2019 help you seamlessly collaborate with others and streamline the creation of presentation drawings and construction documents, letting you work faster and be more productive than ever before.
Customize Your Drawings With 2D Components For Hybrid Objects
You've made the move to working in 3D. Now, optimize that effort by efficiently creating 2D drawings from your 3D and BIM models. With the new 2D components for hybrid objects capability, we're putting you in complete control of the detail level your symbols and plug-in objects display. Simply right-click to edit the detail and display of any 2D/3D hybrid object so it draws exactly as you want in plan, elevation, and section views.
Easily Create Concept Layouts With Image Effects
Now you can accomplish mainstream image editing right inside of Vectorworks. You don't need to export your designs to other editing applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator. The new viewport image effects work with viewports and imported images, which lets you prepare your presentation boards in the same software you used to create your designs.


Superior 2D Documentation
Produce high-quality documentation with ease. Vectorworks Designer offers precision drafting tools, intelligent objects for building, detailing, MEP, furniture, millwork, machine parts, and annotations, plus thousands of free symbols from leading building product companies. Batch print drawing sets or export them as multipage PDFs at full or reduced sized. Plus, use our exclusive sketch rendering technology to change hard- lined drawings into soft, hand-sketched illustrations, blurring the line between clear, accurate technical documentation and compelling presentations.
Creative 3D Modeling
Great design begins with exploration. Vectorworks Fundamentals therefore provides an advanced suite of Parasolid-based solids and NURBS surface tools that let you create any shape and easily explore geometry. Push, pull, blend, twist, sculpt, deform, or punch holes. With our intuitive interface, you can design from any 3D view using modes in modeling tools that automatically infer working planes as you move your cursor, and enjoy the superior quality that allows you to manipulate your model with ease. More accurate object information and better snapping make drawing in 3D easy. Create and explore any form.
Efficient & Flexible Workflows
Make quick work of any type of project. With Vectorworks Fundamentals, you can move easily from design concept to technical documentation. Work on practically any type of project within a flexible and robust digital environment. Start with any image, sketch, or formal iteration and move easily between 2D and 3D views in a unified working environment. Whether you're a sole practitioner collaborating with other professionals or working among different members of a team, Vectorworks provides a flexible way to manage productive workflows for even the most complicated project.
Seamless Interoperability
Vectorworks recognizes that the process of realizing a design often requires multiple sources of inspiration and refinement, as well as iteration, communication, and collaboration. Import or export a wide array of image files. Publish your design for inclusion in your firm's marketing materials or website. Get on the cutting edge of collaborative digital practices, exchanging 2D, 3D, Building and Site Information Modeling (BIM/SIM) data and models for numerous multidisciplinary, multi-platform design workflows, as well as sending models to CAD/CAM machines, CNC routers, and 3D printers.
Inspirational Rendering
Define and communicate your signature look through our partnership with the award-winning CINEMA 4D render engine, which provides rendering capabilities that are faster and easier than standalone rendering applications. When added to Vectorworks Designer software, Renderworks integrates fully into the software interface, so it lets you seamlessly visualize your work throughout the design process while producing clear and accurate renderings. With the click of a button, rendered viewports in your documentation will update as your design evolves.

Support & Maintenance

Vectorworks Fundamentals 2019 student2PRO Version includes 12 months FREE technical support directly from Vectorworks. Vectorworks Technical Support is available to all registered users by fax, by e-mail and by phone from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST.
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student2PRO Version
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VectorworksVectorworksVectorworks Fundamentals 2019 - student2PRO VersionVectorworks Fundamentals 2019 - student2PRO VersionStudents must have graduated within the past year. Proof of graduation (either the transcript or a photo copy of the degree) needed. Cannot be purchased by a professional for their use. License will be registered in their name.DNN-P1-NEW-VRXZ-BE11280+1 (415) 848 9018