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Boris RED 5.6

Integrated 3D titling and visual effects software. Custom interface as a host plug-in, or as standalone software application

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Boris RED 5.6 is an integrated 3D titling and visual effects software that launches an easy to use custom interface as a host plug-in, or as standalone software application.


  • Includes 200+ filters from BCC and FEC & 1000+ presets
  • Real-time Operation
  • 3D Text Tools, raster & vector paint system
  • Image restoration & retouching
  • Motion tracking & stabilization
  • Stand-alone render engine

What's New

2D & 3D Titling & Graphics
Professional titling and animation tools with 3D extrusions, bevels, materials, lights & more.
  • Advanced Type-on and Jitter effects
  • Text on a Path
  • Automated rolls, crawls, fades, and zooms
  • Unique 3D deformers for twisting & bending text
  • Import EPS files
  • 1000+ free presets included
Customized User Interface
RED's custom interface allows editors to create advanced title animations and visual effects from their host applications.
  • Launch as a stand alone application OR from your favorite NLE including: Avid Media Composer, Black Magic DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  • No import/export necessary. Render directly to your timeline.
  • Real Time accelerated performance.
  • Integrated tracking, keying and compositing tools.
3D Particles & Deformations
Fast and dynamic particles, 3D camera and lights help make creative motion graphics simple.
  • Includes particle filters from BCC and Final Effects.
  • 3D particle emitters
  • Rain, Snow, Sparks, Comet & Organic Strands
Image Restoration Tools
Highest quality image processing filters to help fix, improve and reformat footage. Includes:
  • Noise Reduction
  • Smooth Tone
  • Pixel Fixer
  • DV Fixer
  • UpRez
Transitions, Color Correction & Mode
Over 50 new transition presets ranging from popular swish pan and rack defocus effects to glow dissolves and light wipes. These new transition effects were created using the latest Boris Continuum Complete and Final Effects Complete filters.
  • Unlimited Keyframing
  • 3 Way Color Grading


  • User Interface and Workflow Enhancements
  • Support for 64-bit Video Editing Applications
  • 40+ Filters from Final Effects Complete
  • High-quality Image Restoration Tools
    • Noise Reduction
    • Smooth Tone
    • Pixel Fixer
    • DV Fixer
  • New 3D Particle Effects
    • BCC Particle Array 3D is an OpenGL-accelerated particle-based 3D generator.
    • BCC Pin Art 3D is an OpenGL-accelerated particle-based 3D generator.
  • UpRez
  • 3-Way Color Grading
  • Realistic In-Camera Effects
    • Lens Blur
    • Lens Shape
    • Lens Transition
    • Swish Pan
  • Stylized Effects
  • Painterly Effects




Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Boris RED 5.6 requires |Black Magic DaVinci Resolve|Sony Vegas Pro and/or


Premiere Pro Creative Cloud
Make visually stunning videos virtually anywhere.





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