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Cutting edge video transitions of 3D, light, color, and motion.

NewBlue Transition 5 UltimateNewBlue Transition 5 Ultimate features over 400 presets in 37 plugins that provide a broad suite of cutting edge transitions that use light, color, and motion to deliver stunning, aesthetically fresh, scene-to-scene cuts. Move your audience from clip to clip with a variety of unique, stylized transitions for every mood or circumstance.


Fly from one scene to the next with a sweeping rush of energy with Zoom. It's easy to set beginning and end directions, image replication and crossfade using a wide range of presets filled with rays of light.
Traveling Rays
Make large streaks or soft sweeps of light with Traveling Rays. It's simple to animate light between shots by adjusting ray length, color, direction of travel and even image warp within the light rays. Plus, we've included a variety of artistic presets to get you started.
RGB Shift
Simulate a video transmission that's gone awry with RGB Shift. It's a snap to separate red, green and blue channels in your clips. Intensify action by controlling the direction, distance and frequency of the movements, or use one of the many built-in presets.
Create broad, sweeping morphs, or "water down" your image with Liquify. It's effortless to create morphic image transitions. Select your distortion source, then control the amplitude and direction based on the incoming image, outgoing image, or both.


  • 3D Blow Apart - Break, burst and shred between scenes with this action-packed software.
  • 3D Bouncing Frames - Animate your scene transitions by adding bouncing frames within a picture.
  • 3D Fly Away - Minimize a scene into a shrinking box that floats and spins into the next.
  • 3D Grid Explosion -Smash, splinter and shatter an image to reveal the next scene underneath.
  • 3D Intensity Grid - 3D objects expand across the screen, then crumble to reveal the next clip.
  • 3D Checker Board - Shuffle, collapse and stack one scene away, then introduce the next.
  • 3D Louvers - Blend, flip and bounce between clips for transitions with dimensional range.
  • 3D Sliced Cubes - Layer cutouts of the next clip over the previous one.
  • 3D Sliced Cubes - Layer cutouts of the next clip over the previous one.
  • Cartoonr Plus - Transform your scene transitions into animated illustrations.
  • Color Wash - Wash away colors from one scene to blend and shift to the next.
  • Colored Pencil - Simulate a drawing at the end of one scene that morphs into the next.
  • Duochrome - Create colorfully retro and metallic images with 2 chrome-like colors.
  • Glow Pro - Create soft sources of light, then harshen them to morph into the next scene.
  • Halovision Plus - Use halo-like auras around objects from one clip to blend your scenes together.
  • Light Ring - Swallow a scene with a circle of light and burst into the next.
  • Liquify - Colorfully dissipate one image to reveal the next for a fluid transition.
  • Metallic - Replace colors with glitzy golds, icy silvers, rustic coppers and more.
  • Neon Lights - Merge scenes by outlining objects in your video with bands of neon light.
  • Oil - Give scene transitions the vivid color and fluid texture of an oil painting.
  • Paper Collage - Blends between two clips as it builds the video image from layers of colored paper.
  • Pencil Rubbing - Draw a sketch over your video template with virtual smudges, lines and ink.
  • Photon Blast - Rays of light cast through images to wash away one scene and fade into the next.
  • Plasma Glow - Transition from one scene to the next with a dynamic shimmering blast of light.
  • RGB Shift - Separate red, green and blue objects,then shake them into the next image.
  • Roll - Create the look of camera film rolling over a projector.
  • Scanner - Shift in and out of scenes with a fluorescent beam of light.
  • Shake - Jolt, rattle and pulse from clip to clip for dramatic progression.
  • Shear - Twist one scene into the next with a diagonal blur.
  • Shiny Fog - Blur a scene into a chrome-like fog that vanishes to reveal the next.
  • Shredder - Create artistic scene transitions by cutting your image into patterns.
  • Sketch - Artfully draw lines and edges to blend scenes together.
  • Smear - Scrub an image into a blurred picture that sharpens into the next scene.
  • Traveling Rays - Move from one scene to the next with bright beams of shining light.
  • Twirl - Twist and swirl images into a blur that unravels to reveal the next scene.
  • Water Color - Soften colors and blur edges of objects in your video to morph two scenes.
  • Wave - Create fun and effortless scene transitions that melt, ripple and warp.
  • Zoom - Dramatically blur and pan rays across the scene to move between cuts.

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