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V‑Ray 3.6 for NUKE
Workstation PLUS
with 5 Universal V‑Ray Render Nodes
USB Dongle License
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Chaos GroupChaos GroupV-Ray 3.6 for NUKE - Workstation PLUS - with 5 Universal V-Ray Render Nodes - USB Dongle LicenseV-Ray 3.6 for NUKE - Workstation PLUS - with 5 Universal V-Ray Render Nodes - USB Dongle LicenseIncludes 1 floating license, 6 floating render node licenses and required USB dongle.BID-80-110822,115.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

V-Ray 3.6 for NUKE
Workstation PLUS
with 5 Universal V-Ray Render Nodes
USB Dongle License

V-Ray 3.6 for NUKE -- Workstation PLUS -- with 5 Universal V-Ray Render Nodes -- USB Dongle License

Includes 1 floating license, 6 floating render node licenses and required USB dongle.

V-Ray 3.6 for NUKE Workstation PLUS's approach to lighting and compositing integrates production-quality ray traced rendering into NUKE and NUKEX. V-Ray's industry standard ray traced renderer inside NUKE's industry standard compositing package gives artists the best of both worlds.

What's New

  • Full Light Select Render Element: Render individual lights or groups of lights as separate render elements, with full support for global illumination, reflections and refractions for accurate light mixing in post.
  • Cryptomatte: Automatically generate ID mattes with support for transparency, depth of field and motion blur, speeding up workflows for compositors.
  • Improved render elements: Render elements generated in V-Ray 3.6 for NUKE or rendered in V-Ray Standalone can now be used interchangeably. All render elements can be cached with a single render.
  • V-Ray Volume Grid: Import and render volume simulations from applications like Houdini. Supports OpenVDB, Field3D and Phoenix FD files.
  • Deep rendering: Improved deep rendering capabilities with support for deep volumes. Save disk space by generating deep data directly inside NUKE.
  • V-Ray denoiser: Automatically reduce noise for cleaner renders. Denoise individual render elements, apply noise masks and denoise final deep composites.

Key Features

Powerful Ray Traced Rendering
V-Ray 3.6 for NUKE brings powerful adaptive ray traced rendering to any compositing pipeline. It's the most full-featured rendering solution for NUKE, NUKEX and NUKE Studio.
Node-Based Integration
With a full suite of advanced rendering tools and support for NUKE's native features, V-Ray 3.6 for NUKE is a natural evolution of the compositing workflow.
Accurate Lighting
Simulate realistic ray traced lighting and shadows with a wide range of light types including spot lights, area lights, HDR environments, NUKE lights and more.
Global Illumination
Render accurate indirect illumination with V-Ray's precise ray traced GI.
Physically-Based Materials
Create multilayered physical materials directly in NUKE. Choose from purpose-built shaders for car paint, SSS, skin and more.
Production-Ready Textures
Choose from a number of production-ready texture types including tiled EXR & TX files, layered textures, ambient occlusion and procedural noise.
Select from a variety of camera types including physical cameras, VR panoramas and NUKE projection cameras.
VR Cameras
Render to popular VR formats including spherical and cubic 6x1 panoramas.
Import Alembic, FBX and OBJ geometry with NUKE's built-in ReadGeo node.
Proxy Objects
Import and render memory-efficient proxy objects as Alembic or V-Ray mesh files.
Instancing With Particles
Instance V-Ray proxy objects using NUKE particles.
Render Elements
Generate beauty, matte and utility passes on the fly. V-Ray 3.6 for NUKE includes more than 37 built-in render elements for ultimate control.
V-Ray Scene Node
Import and render animated V-Ray scene (.vrscene) files.
V-Ray Translator Node
Use the full power of V-Ray Standalone, including distributed rendering.

Why should compositors and studios use V-Ray 3.6 for NUKE?

  • Expands the 3d capabilities of NUKE, so compositors can light, render, and composite in one application
  • Gives compositors better control over lighting, materials, render passes, and final shot output
  • Lets compositors create any render element (render pass, matte, etc.) they need on the fly
  • Allows compositors to adjust and match 2d and 3d elements simultaneously
  • Gives compositors more creative freedom and artistic control
  • Offers a familiar node-based workflow, making it easier to adopt
  • Saves time and eliminates the back and forth between NUKE and 3d applications
  • Maximizes project timelines by allowing compositors to make necessary changes up until final delivery
  • Allows for a more collaborative, non-linear workflow between 3d and compositing teams
  • Helps teams review, change, and final shots faster

This Product is Also Known As

  • vray for nuke

This Bundle Includes

Chaos Group
V-Ray 3.6 for NUKE
Workstation PLUS — with 5 Universal V-Ray Render Nodes — Digital Version
Includes 1 floating license and 6 floating render node licenses. For Online Licenses or Dongle Activation.2,080Add to Cart Product 11088
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V-Ray USB dongleA USB dongle can be shared among all V-ray products as long as they are on the same computerThis item cannot be purchased separately.1607
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