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PolyTrans: A powerful 3D scene, animation and NURBS translation tool

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PolyTrans and its elder brother NuGraf, are stand-alone programs which were written with one purpose in mind: to produce the most accurate, error free and robust conversions between all 3D DCC, VisSim and CAD file formats. PolyTrans was the first such program to market and hence has a long standing reputation of providing quality conversions as well as top notch technical support from its development team. The elder NuGraf program also provides for print quality photo-realistic rendering and more user interface controls for interactive scene composition.

Major Features

  • Very stong support for all major CAD file formats.
  • Bidirectional conversions between all DCC (animation and digital content creation) programs.
  • Tolerance-based, error-free animation conversion and top notch smooth skinned mesh skeleton conversion amongst 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Softimage, Collada, FBX, DirectX, U3D, and more.
  • Photo-realistic rendering, material editing, texture parameter editing and scene composition (ray-tracer in Okino's NuGraf only). Handles very large CAD datasets.
  • 'Document-centric' architecture, extensive user interface plug-in API, and 2D/3D import/export API. Excellent, built-in polygon reduction system.
  • Integrated multi-media editor viewer (see 2D bitmap file format list below).
  • NVIDIA & ATI (now AMD) real-time shader support, with third generation OpenGL support.
  • Integration or converter modules from MAXON Cinema 4D, Act-3D (Quest-3D), CATS (Pytha), NGRAIN (3KO), VirTools/Realicon (NMO), Visual Components (3DCreate) and others.
  • Optimized since its inception to handle very large datasets, such as 500,000 node scenes and millions of polygons (most animation programs can only handle 50,000 nodes).
  • NuGraf only: Caustics, an amazing lens flare system sunlight calculator.
  • An industry standard for plug-in converter SDK development. Third party developers can create 3D import/export converters, system plug- ins, renderers and many more. Stable and completely refined. Used by dozens of leading 3D software companies.
  • Complete list of features, file formats, brochures, user list and demos available on the Okino website.

Customer Reviews

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Poly Trans run by a guru that has been in the field foreveer

I am a former Medical R&D guy who spent many years in the 3D graphics arena writing code. During my time I had the good fortune to become acquainted with Robert Lansdale.
3D translations are one of the more complex areas of 3D software development. All translations are subject to some level of interpretation. Some interpretations are more technically correct while others are more aesthetically correct.
PolyTrans is the only translator I know of that does a robust job of translating from a plethora of formats to another plethora of formats!
If you want a translation that "looks good" but is not technically accurate perhaps, on very rare occasions, PolyTrans is not for you. But having said that you will be passing by the one translator that can go from practically anything to almost anything else.
If you are not getting the translation you want I'm betting that it is either the original model and the way it was modeled or a translator that has some technical flaws that make certain models serendipitously look better.
I never write reviews but when I saw the egregious bashing done by someone who is a newbie to 3D modeling I had to respond for the sake of all the 3D modeling community.
Modo itself has many modeling issues. For example, it has no arc construct only an arc wedge! This causes problems when you want to create a surface patch by running and arc down two spline guide rails, as you get stuff in the middle you don't want.
I tried to show my email address for the sake of transparency and legitimacy but could not get the site to do so: grierson@lek.net

Outdated software run by an ego-maniac

I suggested my work buy this product to translate CAD files. That was a mistake. First signs of trouble came when I asked how to use the software and I got a novel of text which seem to all affirm that Robert Lansdale is a genius and everyone else on the planet is stupid. A simple tutorial would have been great, like I'm used to with all the other software I use daily.
Robert Lansdale really thought it was important to "change my perceptions". He also told me at one point that this company is an experiment in human psychology.
Yikes! I just want to translate files to do my job for the company I work for.
At one point I showed him how MODO Power Translator tessellated the mesh of a part of the assembly versus his Polytrans product, and to me it was a night and day difference that the MODO Power Translator looked MUCH better. He then told me that that's my perception, but if I knew as much as he did I would know that his is more technically correct. Wow. I let him know that I'm in marketing and that my whole job revolves around perception.
At one point I was trying to cover my butt at work since I had advocated buying this product, so I asked Novaedge if I could get a refund. Robert started sending emails to people in my company telling them he couldn't work with me, and on and on. Basically trying to throw me under the bus to protect his reputation (and fragile ego).
I could go on since I archived every exchange with Robert. It's hard to believe that such a terrible company can have a place in the marketplace.
So, in summary, this product is a good idea and I wish more companies would compete against this terribly run company. The software looks like it's from the early 90's as well. There's too much Robert in Polytrans

You need PolyTrans!

Seamless model transfer from SolidWorks to 3ds Max. Great product.

Good cost effective product.

I had a good experience with the product. It isn't overly intuitive but the learning curve is reasonable.

OBJ output is the best for 3d work from PolyTrans, I've found.

I would recommend PolyTrans.

Fast Product, Bad Interface, Poor Developer Support

Our company purchased Polytrans for use with Quest3D, and while the exporter itself is quite fast, the Polytrans program itself is quite messy. Polytrans does NOT support multiple UV sets, so if you are intending to apply any sort of texture layering system with different UV coordinates for each map (eg. diffuse+ambient occlusion) to your scenes this isn't the program for you.

Finally, developer support was quite poor. When contacting the developer on the above issue, they were stubborn, unhelpful, and they would only quote how many years they have been working on the product and therefore they are correct and I am wrong.

It is lucky the software is quite quick, otherwise I wouldn't be using this at all.