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Rigging Master Course Training Video
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Rigging Master Course Training Video

Rigging Master Course Training Video

Interactive training series for MODO users

Rigging Master Course Training Video offers a comprehensive, on-demand educational system for users of all levels interested in learning production-level rigging. Your instructor, Rich Hurrey, takes you from the basics of the MODO interface and tools, through to covering in-depth such challenging topics as 'Inverse Kinematics' and the 'Schematic Viewport'. With the advanced skills gained in the foundation section, you can tackle a tutorial that ultimately results in a full production-ready asset.
This interactive training series includes 26+ hours of keyword searchable videos with indexed chapter markers, cross-referenced links to the related sections of the training and online documentation, an extensive FAQ's section as well as included scene files for you to open and follow along. All of this is packaged in a beautifully intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. Designed for all levels of users, this series provides not just the 'how', but the often missing 'why'. This is more than a rigging video tutorial, it is an entire master class course that is sure to give you new insight into how MODO works and an appreciation for the power it is capable of.

Course content and running times

Overview video
Introduction - 2:13
Foundation (basics) videos
Preferences - 5:43
User interface overview - 15:51
Components vs. items (modes) - 2:46
Centers vs. pivots - 11:56
Transform items - 13:53
Action centers - 20:24
Channels - 27:23
Alignment and "Set" tools - 29:06
Foundation (intermediate) videos
Key frames and Dope sheet - 29:13
Graph editor - 25:29
Parenting and hierarchies - 21:14
Referencing - 14:08
Duplicating and Instances - 25:25
Locator options - 25:12
Groups - 23:21
Curves - 17:48
Foundation (advanced) videos
Deformers - 48:36
Schematic view - 20:17
Inverse Kinematics - 28:25
Constraints - 1:23:41
Constraints in action - 1:11:29
Modifiers - 1:59:50
Modifiers in action - 1:20:34
Assemblies and Rigging UI - 38:19
Assembly groups - 53:18
Mine scene tutorials
Overview - 5:47
Train overview - 5:21
Train engine tutorial part 1 - 1:02:15
Train engine tutorial part 2 - 2:02:30
Hopper car tutorial - 2:27:59
Train assembly - 1:31:05
Crane overview - 3:26
Crane tutorial part 1 - 1:29:06
Crane tutorial part 2 - 1:22:16
Crane tutorial part 3 - 1:37:54
Crane assembly - 4:13

Interactive documentation

An extensive set of interactive documentation enhances the experience of accessing the videos with keyword search and direct access to each video chapter. Also included in the documentation are a glossary, frequently asked questions, links to corresponding MODO documentation, and links to launch each of the scene files in MODO.

About the Author

Richard Hurrey is a modeling and character technical director at Pixar Animation Studios. A real veteran of the CG Industry he has previously worked for Rhythm and Hues, ESC Entertainment and Luma Pictures. He has also independently produced work for Pixel Magic, Konami USA, Massive Black and taught rigging at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.
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