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Laubwerk Plants Kit 2

Native 3D trees of North America and Europe: Includes 10 customizable tree species plus the Laubwerk Player. Includes 1-Year Subscription

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Laubwerk Plants Kit 2is part of a line of easy-to-use software extensions for architects and CG artists looking for a fluent way to insert authentic, highly- detailed 3D trees into their scenes. Every Plants Kit comes with 10 customizable tree species and includes the free Laubwerk Player, a plug-in that brings the 3D trees to life.

Laubwerk Plants Kit 2 supports Autodesk and 3ds Max. Regular free updates are provided.

In Laubwerk Plants Kit 2, every Laubwerk 3D tree is created by modeling experts and botanical specialists who ensure that each tree looks great, without requiring overly- complex controls or slow rendering times. Models are controlled in 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D using the free Laubwerk Player, an innovative plugin that offers drag-n-drop simplicity and easy customization for architects, landscape architects and CG artists who need a fast-track solution for placing authentic trees in their projects.

New in this version

  • Added support for Maxwell Render for both Cinema 4D and 3ds Max
  • Extended importer dialog
  • Houdini Player plugin with significantly faster plant loading and new Laubwerk Plants Browser


Laubwerk Plants Kit 2 offers a practical and diverse selection of highly-detailed and customizable trees native to North America and Europe, including Norway maple, sycamore maple, horse-chestnut, red horse-chestnut, silver birch, sweetgum, English oak, weeping willow, mountain ash and silver linden.
Smart Trees
Go beyond static models! Choose the shape, age, season and detail of each tree. Each tree species comes in 36 different variations: three (3) shapes, three (3) ages, four (4) seasons.
Adjustable Level-of-Detail
Adjustable amounts of detail allow for fast maneuvering and render speed. Models maintain shape and density, regardless of detail level. Hull and skeleton modes provide low detail tree geometry for fast and accurate placement. Perfect for inserting many trees into your scene without slowing response.
High-quality, Render-Ready 3D Trees
Each species comes render-ready, with preset materials and high-quality textures for Scanline, Chaos Gorup V-Ray and mental ray renderers. Laubwerk uses a hybrid of procedural modeling and hand-detailing by botanist and 3D artists to make the most authentic looking CG trees.
Forest Pack Support
Forest Pack and Laubwerk Plants Kits are a perfect fit, allowing you to take advantage of Forest's sophisticated scattering tools and Laubwerk's superior 3D Tree solution with adjustable level-of-detail.
Dedicated V-Ray Support
Using V-Ray 2.2 or higher, Laubwerk plant models automatically create their geometry dynamically during rendering. The exact same process V- Ray uses for V-Ray proxies.
Tree Library
The Plant Library Browser offers drag-and-drop access to Laubwerk 3D tree models. Materials are automatically created and applied when choosing a tree model.

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