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Rhino 5.0 for Win Reviews and Pricing

Rhino 5.0 for Win has been reviewed by 35 users, with an average rating of 4.1 stars. All our custmer reviews are written by authentic users of the product. We publish all honest and fair product reviews, regardless of the rating.
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January 18, 2013
Thomas Bogan
I'm so thrilled to actually possess my own Rhino license. It was my go-to program throughout my education, and now I am back in the saddle. Cheers to having the tech, the interface, the support and the community at my fingertips.
January 10, 2007
The Initial and the ultimate
Rishabh The Pro
I am 15 yrs old and want to become a world class car designer and ofcourse Rhino has provided me the first step.Its the best among affordables .It is possible to make any imaginable shape in rhino.I give it 10 stars .Although the task is not a walk in the park but after exploration one will find it to be an excellent software for design .The software is not for fun stuff but it should be used with hard work for professional work or hobbie.It took me about 15 days to learn rhino 75% and I designed my first professional looking car.Although I tried only the evaluation but it was marvellous .A great tool.Really , the rhino development team has done an excellent job here.Very good. ********** 10/10*
December 1, 2006
Why it is that good
Nenad Stjepanovic
it's extremly inexpensive especially if you buy multiple copies for an office, for example. For most parts it is rock solid even in over-load. This means you can have a full size object with intricate details that will not slow down the machine even if you have only 1 gig of RAM. This is courteosy of the NURBS based modelling as opposed to polgyonal including sub-poly modelling. I have never known a poly-based modeling app. that doesn't suffer from lag in performance and general proness to crashes caused by complexity of large polygonal sets. GUI is an old WIndows approach to user-friendliness. However, there are only two three applicationa that has this large variety of toolsets, combined with extremely functional snapping features and absolutly unrefutable precision. Maybe even too much sometime. Sorry guys for 700-800 dollars you will not get anything that can do 3D models, plus CAD/CAM with this level of reliance and precision. Rhino is Autocad-like application. In fact integration and cross exchnage of files between two application is flawless. One can even draw the same way as in AutoCad. Originaly it was made as a plug-in for virtualy non exsistent 3d toolset in AutoCad. It's definatley worth the try especialy if you have a limited budget. The updated version of 3.0 includes even more tools and offers better stability. The release of 4.0 is around the corner and it will operate with even more precision and flexibility. Not to forget to mention,l there is a pletora of amazing plug-ins which will subtantionaly enhance functionality of the app. that will satisfy even the most spoiled design-users. PowerSolids is one of them.
November 18, 2006
Just Perfect
Arafat Khaskheli
My focus is mainly modeling and creating concept chatachters and more. I have been discouraged by the amount of money a person has to pay to buy 3D Max or Maya. Granted they are powerful programs but for what I need at a great price, this product is just amazing.
November 1, 2006
Simply Great
Fredrik Wenstop
I am an Industrial Designer, and have used several different programs. Havent found anything as effectiv as Rhino yet. Not only do you have 100% control over every shape and curve in your model, you also get a fully customizable working environment and work flow. Rhino is a work of art.
Yes: Catia, Solidworks and Studiotools are all great programs, but they lack the intuitive directness of Rhino. For the price, there simply isn’t anything better in NURBS modeling.

Fredrik Wenstop
June 22, 2006
Enabling Software
Ray Mckaig
I have been using Rhinoceros 3.0 now for over a year. It is an incredible piece of software with capabilities that allow you to work in 3D space with relative ease.

In an nutshell: if you need reasonably-priced software that allows you to work well beyond the limits of standard 3D CAD programs, then look no further.

For months I researched quite a number of high-end and low-end 3D CAD programs trying to find one that could work with a complex twisty-curved surface of a special CAM drive. In all cases, no other program came very close to being able to create it. I asked the CAD company experts for help. All tried, and failed. You see, other CAD programs were designed for the standard machinist using standard construction materials, and they do that very well (and with some pretty disgusting price tags). Then I came across Rhinoceros, and in 10 minutes had created my complex surface without training, and with incredible accuracy. To make matters even better, the price tag was considerably below the other CAD program prices.

Since then, I have driven Rhinoceros 3.0 from an external Visual Basic program and used Rhinoceros as a 3D graphic engine (very cool). Some of my work requires design of complex Super-computer cases. I have parameterized the process, so generation of a new case with totally different requirements takes less than a minute, creating multiple surface solids, complicated metal snaps, extrusions, and other parts such as complicated plastic handles and bezels with counter-sinks and precision holes of various dimensions. Within 5 days, my plastic parts were manufactured at Proto-Mold and returned exactly as designed, and other vendors created precision steel, aluminum and brass parts from Rhinoceros export files.

Visual picture files depicting photo-realistic images using Rhino's Flamingo renderer brought millions of investment capital dollars into our company, thus allowing us to build the real items.

Rhinoceros has many ways to accomplish the same result, so you can choose what works for you best. I have created geodesic domes, pleasant shapes for relaxation, and other things just for fun. I have recently purchased a CNC Milling machine that I now drive with Rhinoceros 3.0, RhinoCAM Pro (Visual Mill 5), and MACH3 CAM driver. So far I have created tools, cut fan cutouts and switch cutouts in aluminum panels, and general machining and polishing. I intend to make molds for plastic and concrete, and design and build an engine extraordinaire. The sky (and your imagination) is the limit. You are only as good as your tools, and Rhinoceros tops my list of creative enabling software. It is an incredible bang for the buck, and the only program that can do what I require.

A Final Note: This is a complex piece of software, yet the basics are simple to learn and fun to work with. You can use as much or as little of its power as you desire. But as with any complicated piece of software, there are difficult situations that you can encounter, and some things that Rhinoceros is not exceptionally good at, requiring some extra effort to accomplish. So far I have not found any show-stoppers that I couldn't find a work-around. Also, the staff at McNeal Associates were pleasant and helpfull with good response time to difficult issues. All in all, an excelent value and an excelent piece of imagination-expanding software with good support. I highly reccomend it.
May 3, 2006
Rhinoceros 3.0
Pablo Antonio
This software is very good for designing cars. You can create any shape and get great rendering. Recommended.
March 14, 2006
Rhinoceros 3.0
Bradley Tonkin
Excelent modeling program, powerful, very ease to use and practical. Looks like AutoCAD for NURBS. I like it!
November 29, 2005
Amazing software, unbeatable price.
Heath Satow
Whoever wrote the bad review that said Rhino requires a "deep understanding of the underlying mathematical model" has clearly never even used Rhino.

I know NOTHING of the math behind NURBS, yet I do all my sculpture design in Rhino. I tried demos of just about every other 3D software out there and had about given up on 3D before I found Rhino. It was the only one that was truly intuitive to use, and I was creating usable models with two days of using it.

I can't speak highly enough of this software, it's transformed the way I work, and I now consider it as or more important than any other tool in my sculpture studio.
November 25, 2005
Number one in my opinion
Patrick Drake
I have had Rhino for only two weeks and have already created models that are more complex than I have ever been able to create using other MUCH more expensive programs. I have tested the exporting capabilities with other software -exporting a parasolid file into Mastercam and a Rhino file into OneCnc CAD/CAM and everything is PERFECT! I dont think this software is beatable especially for the price. On the other hand if you are used to using a parametric modeler you will not be happy as this is NOT a parametric modeler.
October 31, 2005
Those who think Rhino stinks is because they are not good at it
Alexandre Galin
I use Rhino a lot. I also used 3ds max I know other animation packages. Rhino was never ment to be used for pretty 3D animation. It is made fo early concept designs . I use Catia V5 ( similar to Solidworks ) It is considered to be the top of the line. I know both of these softwares they have their specific tasksRhino is a surfacic software SolidWorks or Catia is more mecanical design. I can say I can generate complex surfaces using Rino and use them to be rapid prototyped far more quickly than on Catia. Those who gave one star to the Rhino software and gave bad reviews is because they never understood how it works and never tried to understand it either.
Used properly there are no limits in creativity and manufacturability.Rhino is simply the best and unbeatable in price.
October 13, 2005
Amazing modeling software
Shawn Sheppard
I have worked with many diffrent types of 3D programs. This has to be the best one that I have ever used. It's a little diffrent than most programs and takes a little time to get used to but what you can do in it there are no limits.
September 8, 2005
John Marshall
Fantastic 3D surfacing package.
I dont think there is any better bang for your buck than Rhino.
September 7, 2005
A very capable 3D modeling and CAD tool
Michael Meusel
A very capable 3D modeling and CAD tool. More user friendly then mechanical desktop but doesn't handle extremely large files as well as it's older brothers in the CAD/CAM world. If your drawings/models are normally under 50 megs on a decent system you shouldn't notice any lag. Rhino 3.0 is a vast improvement over earlier versions. I have used Rhino since version 0.8 in it's pre-release beta days. The interface is easy to navigate with expanding buttons which allow you to breeze through tool selection with the convenience of a pull down. The interface is 100% customizable including button art and scripting functions. The scripting engine in Rhino 3.0 is NOT compatible with 2.0. So if you have scripts you may want to avoid upgrading but the new engine has changed to a full visual basic core which removes most of the limitations in the original "rhino script". Rhino also has superior cross platform support. I know of no other program that will open your Autocad or Wavefront or Lightwave, or DXF files and save them in thier original format or choose from other formats from fully customizable IGES & STEP translation to raw triangles, VRML, stereolithography, Rhino native formats and a slew of others. And to top it all off your working in real NURBS as a native format with strong mesh support. And all this at a fraction of the cost of the other programs available.

On the downside Rendering leaves a little to be desired in the stock version but the Flamingo plugin puts it on par with most other visual render packages. In my opinion Rhino 3.0 outclasses Autocad in ease of use and ability, Rhino will do 2D drawing and editing as well as any other but you can NOT make a dashed ansi line and you can't change it's thickness. Maybe in version 4?
July 28, 2005
Conceptual/Application Engineering
Alan Crighton
Rhino 3.0 is simply a superb tool for quick (and very easy) generation of conceptual design ideas, be it a surface model or a solid. Admittedly, it does lack some required features in the solids area, but for most applications it's sufficient. Did I mention how easy this package is to use? Literally, within a couple of hours you can be up and running creating some fairly complex models.

The ability to import IGES and STEP files is great if you're creating assemblies with component parts.

For those who need to create part or customer drawings, Rhino 3.0 with either Autosketch or AutoCad gives you full 3D and 2D drawing features for a very low price. The only aspect of this package I don't like is the inability to import Pro/E models without shelling out a lot of money for a translator. Overall, a great package well worth the money... I use Rhino almost on a daily basis.
June 14, 2005
Best Modeler
El Wayno
Rhino is extremely easy to use and can model anything that you can imagine. It is a terrific 3D program and is extremely stable and fun to operate. Rendering with Flamingo is also awesome and very realistic. If you want a CAD system, don't waste your time with outdated stuff like AutoCAD; go 3D with Rhino.
August 10, 2004
Rhinoceros 3.0
I think this is off the charts. I would definately want a copy of this `` I LOVE IT`` !
November 27, 2003
Great Tool for Designers
Rafael Roldao
Rhinoceros is a great tool. Easy to learn, many ways of to do a task, freedom to draw 3D models. Others advantages are the evolution of the software in a short time and the big number of plugins to complement my work.

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