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ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2

Ultimate HDR processing filters for Photoshop

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ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2 is a versatile tool that offers a variety of key HDRI processing algorithms designed to function in floating- point 32-bit HDR data. Remarkably, ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2 operates in Linear Workflow, not washing out your image, and respecting its full dynamic range at all times.

New in this version

Multi-layered OpenEXR importer
RandomControl has added a multi-layer OpenEXR file reader. As most of you may know, modern versions of Photoshop can natively open .exr files, but they ignore all the extra channels beyond RGB and Alpha. On the other hand, most modern render engines (Arion in particular) output a plethora of AOVs in the form of EXR channels. Now, ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2 can read -all- the channels contained in OpenEXR files, and conveniently lay them out as Photoshop layers.
Alpha channel options
Additionally a popup window will show up on image load with options to embed the alpha as opacity and un-multiply the RGB layers using alpha in addition to the default behavior where the alpha channel is loaded as a separate layer.
Arion G-Buffer (.agb) importer
The .agb format is Arion's proprietary file format that outputs the raw 32-bit floating-point, uncompressed and multi-layered G- Buffer as stored in the GPU during render. It is a completely lossless format (with no alteration on the original color range) that Arion users can use as an alternative to OpenEXR.


HDR tone mapping
ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2 features various advanced techniques to adjust the luminance or enhance the details in HDR photographs and renders.
HDR despeckler
ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2features a high-performance speckles removal algorithm which works similarly to Photoshop's native Dust and scratches filter, but in 32-bit HDR.
HDR bloom
Bloom is a phenomenon that happens when a very bright light source is captured by an imaging device. ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2simulates these effects in a physically-correct manner, as long as the picture is providing a sufficiently high dynamic range.
HDR glare
Glare is a pattern caused by the diffraction of light as it crosses the aperture shape of the capturing device (e.g., the camera diaphragm). Bloom, glare, or both together can greatly improve the realism of computer-generated images or add a subtle artistic glow to HDR photographs that do not exhibit these artifacts by themselves.
Color fringe
ArionFX simulates the very well-known chromatic aberration of optical lenses in a physically-based, spectral manner.
HDR film grain
Adding good-looking film grain to a picture or a render is often more complicated than it seems. This is usually not correctly simulated by low dynamic range noise filters, which do not operate on raw linear-space luminances like ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2does. In ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2, film grain is properly added to the picture before the tone mapping happens, which leads to a very well-balanced and natural result.
HDR vignetting
Vignetting is the phenomenon by which luminance is reduced at the periphery of an image captured through an optical system, such as a camera. Vignetting gives a more natural feel to your images and may help frame the subject better. Actually, it is a particularly interesting way to improve the realism of computer-generated images.
HDR sharpening
ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.2allows you to reduce the perceived global blur of an image using a fine detail enhancer based on frequency analysis. Our algorithm works on the luminance field, leaving chromaticities unaltered, in order to avoid color shifting around hard edges.

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