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AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support
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AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support

AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support

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AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support is a powerful viewing, printing and markup solution for users that need to view, examine, print and provide feedback on a variety of 2D CAD design and business document types such as AutoCAD, MicroStation, PDF, TIFF, etc.
With a rich set of digital markup entities users can take measurements, add comments, and easily communicate feedback and change requests, enabling teams to effectively collaborate on 2D CAD designs and documents. AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support can also be integrated into existing content or document management systems, allowing users to leverage their existing IT infrastructure when integrating AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support for document visualization and collaboration.
Oracle's AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support provides extended teams with an efficient and secure mechanism to digitally access, review, communicate and track feedback on 2D designs and other business documents. Information flow across all phases of project development, from design to implementation, maintenance and repair, is greatly improved. Communication and collaborative workflows are streamlined, allowing dispersed teams to make well-informed decisions based on reliable information. Design and document reviews are expedited, keeping projects on track and within budget.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Enable Efficient Information Sharing: Provide users with reliable access to documents without requiring original authoring applications or undergoing costly document conversions.
  • Expedite Design Reviews: Accelerate the digital review and approval of engineering, design and business documents. Eliminate paper during the design review process.
  • Enable Sound Decision Making: Provide internal teams, partners and suppliers with instant access to reliable project information and ensure decisions are based on original documents.
  • Streamline Collaborative Workflows: Enable teams to collaborate more effectively on electronic documents across multiple disciplines, incompatible applications and dispersed locations.
  • Collaborate without Risking Intellectual Property: Share information without compromising sensitive information and valuable intellectual property.
  • Easy Integration: Integrate AutoVue with existing content management or enterprise solutions to access, view and mark up documents wherever they may reside.
  • Support for the latest versions of popular 2D CAD formats
  • No document conversion or authoring tools required
  • Comprehensive set of markup and annotation entities including clouds, text, pointers, sticky notes, stamps, etc.
  • Advanced text search in CAD drawings ยท Precise 2D measurements
  • Compare two versions of a drawing - determine what changed between revisions
  • Display file property information and access X-Refs, blocks, and layers
  • Built in real-time collaboration via the web
  • Advanced printing and plotting features: batch print, force to black, etc.
  • Available as Desktop and Web versions. Both versions made available to customers upon purchase of AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support
  • Single user interface to view and markup 2D CAD and business documents
  • Effectively communicate comments, change requests and feedback during design reviews
  • Securely collaborate and enhance communication with global teams via the web
  • Reduce paper and document delivery costs by collaborating on digital designs
  • Make technical information available to all teams for improved decision making
  • Leverage existing IT investments with easy integration into document or content management systems
2D Viewing
AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support delivers a comprehensive 2D viewing solution with support for the latest versions of major 2D CAD formats and a variety of functions that allow users of all levels to easily open, view, interrogate and print complex CAD drawings, without requiring the authoring tools that were used to create them.
Beyond viewing capabilities, AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support delivers markup and annotation capabilities that allow team members, suppliers, customers and third-parties to collaborate on digital product information. Team members can communicate feedback, change requests, comments, and instructions in an effective and timely manner, through markups and real time collaboration.
AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support markups are created as separate files which are linked to the associated documents and saved as distinct layers on top of the original file. Markup files can be stored on a local drive, network drive, a Document Management, Product Lifecycle Management or Enterprise Resource Planning system, or a Web server (or other remotely accessed server), making them available to other connected users. This is an invaluable asset, greatly facilitating communication and collaboration between team members. Through markups and annotations, users can capture design feedback, change requests, and Engineering Change Orders (ECOs).
AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support provides a comprehensive set of markup entities that allow users to collaborate on hundreds of different file formats by adding graphical or textual information to a document and without altering a file's original content.
Real-Time Collaboration
With globally distributed project teams and partners, evolving technologies, and increased pressure to reduce costs and speed up project completion times, organizations in all industries must find ways to improve collaboration and communicate information and feedback in a quick, efficient, and secure manner.
AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support, Web Version's real-time collaboration capabilities help organizations to connect everyone in the global enterprise, allowing co-workers and partners to communicate as if they were in the same room, even if they are located on the other side of the world. Using AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support's real-time collaboration, team members, suppliers, partners and customers can take an active part earlier in the product development process, allowing them to come together via the web, to share ideas, inspect and markup documents, assign action items, and resolve design issues in real-time. By doing so, AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support Web Version's real-time collaboration features streamline communication, drive innovation, and expedite document and design reviews throughout the product lifecycle.
AutoVue 2D Professional + One Year Support's real time collaboration delivers a secure environment in which to share documents, as original documents never leave the server. Collaboration with the supply chain and outsourced partners can be enhanced, while protecting important intellectual property.

This Bundle Includes

AutoVue 2D ProfessionalPowerful Viewing, Printing and Markup for 2D CAD Design and Business DocumentsThis item cannot be purchased separately.3947
AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced
Software Update License & Web Support - 1 Year
This item cannot be purchased separately.8756
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